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How to Write a Narrative Essay on Arranged Marriages in India

December 11, 2015

Writing a narrative essay fulfills one of the three main forms of writing tasks you will encounter during your academic career. The narrative is an opportunity for you to write a story about your personal life inside of which you draw a connection to the themes you are reviewing in the classroom. When reviewing the item of arranged marriages in India, it is incumbent upon you to search carefully for a topic from your personal life, a story or experience, that you can relate to the themes which are embodied in this cultural tradition. Being a young student likely means you have never been forced into marriage yourself, but perhaps you have been involved in a marriage, or seen a marriage personally fall apart when the two people involved are not in love. While arranged marriages may not be as prevalent across western countries today, there are still social stigmas for those who have children out of wedlock to marry, something which you might relate strongly to the themes presented in your classroom study….

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