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How to Write a Deductive Essay on Emma Larkin’s “Finding George Orwell in Burma”

December 18, 2015

Deductive essay writing is a form of essay writing which evaluates your knowledge of concepts. When writing such an essay, your piece must be based on the idea that a single concept in the form of a set of circumstances or a single concept in the form of different premises can be used from which to draw a reasonable assumption about what the current state of that situation is (for your deductive essay you can select a great topic by flicking trough the list based on “Finding Orwell in Burma” by E. Larkin). This is, essentially, a type of puzzle that has to be solved by the reader by giving them enough information.

For Example:
If your goal in the work is to show that the Burmese government committed human rights violations, you would want to take individual factors about the actions of the Burmese government and present them to the reader so that the reader can weigh each individual factor and their knowledge about each factor as an individual set of events or actions, then add the group of events or actions together, and from that, find a conclusion. The use of surveillance, torture, imprisonment, and death might be separate events or acts which the reader uses to conclude that the human rights violations took place.

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