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Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman

November 15, 2011

Question 1
Richard Feynman was a well renowned physician in his era and was known for his works relating to those of Albert Einstein. Richard could have accomplished more had he been more serious. One example is where it is stated that he dwelt more on the past rather than on more innovative ideas. Another one is by the fact that he wasted a lot of time concentrating on family issues. The last one is by knowing that he used very little time in the laboratory.

Question 2
Feynman was more relaxed than it was expected of a scientist. For a scientist like him, I expected him to be more articulate in his study of science. Once again this is proved by the minimal hours spent in the lab, the little respect that he gave to the future but rather was content with what was available. Another example is by concentrating more on personal issues rather than scientific ones.

Question 3
Feynman’s success in the field of science was attributed to his increased focus towards the climax of his career. This is stated in the book that he increased his focus in due time. There was also the influence of fellow scientists and finally the family members.

Question 4
Feynman did not do science as per my expectation. In the book it is stated that he spent very little time researching. We are also told that he focused more on the past rather than on the future. Moreover, his work was expected to yield more as he worked with the concepts of Einstein.

Question 5
Feynman was not the way that I expect scientists to be. He was not diligent enough to carry out work alone. Moreover, he could not work without the required push from his peers. Another example that proves this is that he could not work without the role modeling of Einstein….

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