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Speech on Children of the Night

October 21, 2011

Every day young children are involved in prostitution in America as a way to seek food and other needs such as shelter. Most of these children who practice this vice happen to have faced sexual assault by in their early childhood life by close relatives. Pimps who force them to be prostitutes torture them. These children most likely do not have proper homes to return to, having trusted relatives who live away from them (Lee, 2011). They have no option but to live in a college dorm or maternity home.

When these children reach 18 years, the organization recommends them to join special programs for those that need assistance with school. Children of The Night is an organization that assists these children to reform and change their ways to become better; it is a non-profit organization rescues these children to quit prostitution and offer programs through support from private donations.

I am informing you about Children of The Night, and the society on the efforts they make to seek the welfare these unfortunate children on the streets. The key idea here is to provide information on the help that these children require and how to reach them. They are prone to repeating the same habits even after correction. Rehabilitation is the main aim and informing them on dangers of those acts, and stopping more children to engage in prostitution….

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