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Should Women be Allowed in the Army?

Society says that women are equal to men, and can do anything a man can. For the most part that is right, there have been women that have excelled and achieved things society thought only men could do. There is an exception to this, WAR. Women are not built for war, they do not have the strength it requires or the mental stability, but they still want to try to succeed. This is not because they want to serve there country as much but to show society that women are just as capable as men are.

War requires a lot of training, physical strength and stamina. These characteristics most men have. Doctors and physical trainers show facts that even the most robust women do not have all of these qualities. Most soldiers carry around a 400 pound backpack plus a gun, they have been trained to run and dodge bullets while firing back and not to leave any soldier behind, so they lift a 400 pound body onto there shoulders and run him to safety as well. The facts show that a woman does not have the body build for these kinds of tasks. This is why in present day women have different training standards to men. We all know that there are some strong women that will be able to do the men’s training, but the emotional side of war will get them….

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