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Flirting and Sexual Harassment in College Essay

December 20, 2011

Flirtation is a kind of act that is geared towards giving signs that insinuate desire for intimacy. For instance, it may involve non-verbal expressions and gestures or words. Flirtation is done differently among different cultures. In college for instance, female students are known to flirt through their dressing. They wear extremely short dresses that reveal their thighs. In addition, they feel that when men see the cleavage and other parts, they will be attracted to them. However, sexual harassment refers to coercion into sex and other sexual acts. While flirting is done willingly and often playfully, sexual harassment is often done forcefully. In college for instance, it occurs through rape cases, where female students are raped. At times tough, it may result from flirting. The intention of flirting is not normally sex. Thus, when a woman puts on short cloths, a man may be tempted to have sex, and later force her into it (Golden, R, Peterson, F, Hilgenkamp, K, Harper, J & Boskey, 2010)….

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Sexual Harassment Essay

September 29, 2009

With all the means of technology people use recently, they are informed of most of the accidents and incidents, which occur in this world if not all of all of them. It is noticeable that the number of sexual harassment cases taking place is increasing rapidly, which gives a clear idea of the existence of many reasons, one of which is how people in authority are not taking this huge problem into account and are not trying to prevent it. Such actions have serious consequences and, which results in that the world should make fast moves towards preventing these actions from happening and saving many young teens in the best years of their lives from being mentally or even literally destructed.

It is most likely for people, who hear the term “sexual harassment” to think that the victim is from the opposite sex, and is mostly a woman. In this matter it was cleared out that the harasser and the victim can be from the same sex no matter who harasses whom….

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