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Some Facts about Plagiarized Sample Essays

Many cheap essay writing services plagiarize their sample essays. They often provide an excerpt of a sample essay, asking the customer to pay a fee to view the rest of the paper. They state that the sample essay is to be used as a model or guide, cautioning the customer against turning the sample essay in as the customer’s own work. However, the service does not admit to the customer that the essay is plagiarized. In such a case, the service misrepresents the origins of the essay, and if a student submits it for a grade, the student risks receiving a failing grade.

It is not just students who end in trouble turning in a plagiarized essay for a course grade. Applicants to graduate and professional schools have been caught plagiarizing their admissions essays, resulting in their applications being rejected (Lavelle, 2013). In a number of cases, the applicant copied sections of several online essays to form the admissions essay. These application essays are easily flagged by the school’s use of plagiarism check sites such as….

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