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Rhetoric Analysis Essay

November 18, 2011

Essay on Rhetoric Analysis on Art and Architecture:
Art can be looked at as the quality, expression, and production as per aesthetic principles of what is appealing or even of more than everyday significance. Therefore, art does not only involve drawing or painting or other related activities. In essence, art amounts to our expression of innate creativity- language of the soul. It is a creative act and a spiritual journey (Naiman, 2010). Thus it, is practically an expression of the soul making it more than just a mere presentation. This could be the reason why it has continued to take new dimensions over the centuries- each person has his own reflection – and it is true that people will interpret a piece of work of art differently. Each and every artist has a something inside him or her that is calling out to be expressed. Thus, in art, artists should feel free to express their inner feeling. It is worth noting that there exist no rules for expressing the needs of one’s soul. In practice, an artist goes beyond convention and the product is always beautiful. It is been noted it is not that artist are special persons; but that each individual is a unique kind of artist….

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