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Tag Archive 'restorative justice'

Slavery, Reparation and Restorative Justice

1. Background
Barely two hundred years ago, slavery was common and accepted in the countries of Europe as well as in North America. The hunting ground was, in an overwhelming majority of cases, the African continent. White slave traders, sometimes helped by local Africans, plundered the land for men and women, who were taken away in captivity to work on among other places, plantations, farms and town building projects for white masters in North America, the Caribbean islands and other European colonies.

Slavery and its’ attendant evils rank right at the top of the list on the worst horrors perpetrated by humankind. There are many who believe that the enormity of the crime outweighs the Jewish holocaust and the dropping of the atom bomb. The only comparable evil the world has seen is the persecution of women, the causes of which, however, are very different….

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