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Research Paper on Poor Organizational Communication

Example Research Paper on Poor Organizational Communication:
Executive Summary
Broadways Production Limited has failed over the five-years of its operations to compete with similar companies in the market. In the endeavor to identify the root of the problem, I conducted a study that narrowed down to the problem of communication between and amongst the company’s departments. Lack of a department of communication in the company has facilitated to poor and very little communication between and amongst departments, thus triggering division among the staff and consequent demoralization as well as poor production and distribution.

Establishment of an effective structure of communication should play a very significant role in enhancing the company’s productivity as well as improved distribution, thus enabling the company to have an equal platform in competing with its competitors. With establishment of a department of communication with the necessary human and material resources, the company is able to enhance the day-to-day activities, thus creating a prosperous future for the company.

Definition of the Problem
Among the most central aspects of any organization is communication. Baker has observed that traditionally, managers spent majority of their time within organizations dealing with one aspect of communication or another. The success of any organization has much to do with the effective of its communication. However, in the contemporary society, the service workers of many organizations have exceeded production workers, thus communication has become more central to them than among the managers. The production process cannot be successful without effective collaboration between and amongst the various departments of an organization. Team work is central between and amongst diversified functional levels, and it can only be enhanced if an organization has an effective system of communication (Baker, 2002, p. 1). Moreover, the world is experiencing numerous changes in communication technologies, thus triggering a dire need for all organizations to update their system to enable them stand-out in the competitive global market….

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