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20 Topics on the Profession of a Medical Assistant for a Research Essay

We are sure that you found our previous guide on 19 facts on the profession of a medical assistant for a research essay highly relevant and helpful as well as the next one dealing with how to properly research an essay on medical assistant.

At this stage, your mind is probably full of interesting ideas for writing a research essay on the topic of medical assistant as a profession. In this second part of our guide you’ll find a plethora of topics which will ideally help you in choosing one for your essay.

Here are 20 topics on the profession of a medical assistant for a research essay:

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20 Topics on Behavioral Ecology for a Research Essay

Behavioral Ecology is a fascinating and vast field. It is also an interesting subject as it aims to simplify the complex interaction of environments and animals. However, as fascinating as this subject may be, you may feel blank when assigned a research essay on it. Most students often get stuck at the very first step of the process: coming up with a topic. This can be an overwhelming feeling, especially if your deadline is looming around the corner.

Luckily, we are here for your rescue. We managed to come up with 20 great topics related to Animal Behavioral Ecology. You can choose any of the following 20 topics to write on, or be inspired by them to come up with your own research essay topic….

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20 Topics on Celtic Christianity for a Research Essay

If you are tasked with research writing on Celtic Christianity, then you will no doubt need a topic on which to write. Below are twenty topics which might be of use to you:

  1. Roman Christianity as the Foundation for Celtic Christianity in the Early Middle Ages
  2. The Defeat of Gaul and Vanishing of Mainland European-based Celtic Culture
  3. Factors Influencing Name Change from Celtic to Insular Culture
  4. Powerful Impact of Celtic Civilization on European Art
  5. Geographic Limitations of Christianity in Ireland
  6. First Signs of Christianity in Ireland during 3rd Century
  7. Destruction of the Mithraic Temple and Christian Rituals
  8. Why Were Celts Considered Recklessly Brave by Romans in Battle
  9. Druids and Their Indulgence in Ritual Sacrifices
  10. How Banning from Sacrifices Functioned as the Most Extreme Druid Punishment
  11. Power Held by Druids over Celtic Society
  12. Legend of St. Patrick’s Miraculous Power against Druidic Opponents
  13. La Téne Artwork with Stylized Animal Motifs v. Hallstatt Artwork
  14. Confederations among Celtic People
  15. Celtic Warrior Kings and Queens
  16. How Celtic Language and Culture Distinguished Celts from Other Europeans
  17. How Religion Tied Celtic People Together
  18. Decentralized Structure among Celtic Society
  19. Impact of Christianity on Pagan Priesthood in Celtic Society
  20. Why Attacking Druids was Taboo yet Done by Christian Romans

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20 Topics on Quantitative Policy Analysis for a Research Essay

If you need topics for your quantitative policy research paper, review the topics below. Remember that these are only meant as a guide and may not be applicable to your exact topic requirements so check your assignment details or instructions before beginning:

  1. How Quantitative Policy Analyses Help Policymakers to Investigate Health Risks for Specific Populations
  2. The Methodological Strategies Employed by Quantitative Researchers to Examine Social Problems
  3. How Quantitative Policy Analyses Help Policymakers to Investigate Traffic Patterns
  4. How Quantitative Policy Analyses Help Policymakers to Assess Educational Opportunities
  5. Quasi-experimental Designs Quantitative Policy Analyses versus Regression Analyses
  6. How Quantitative Policy Analyses Help Policymakers to Investigate the Effectiveness of Specific Instructional Practice
  7. Issues of Validity among Quantitative Methodological Strategies
  8. How Quantitative Policy Analyses Influence the Policy Making Process
  9. The Usefulness of Quantitative Evidence in the Promotion of Public Policies
  10. How Quantitative Methods Help Policymakers to Critically Evaluate Claims and Research Backing Said Claims for Their Policy Promotions
  11. The Application of Quantitative Traditions in Your Preferred Area of Study
  12. How to Interpret Results from Quantitative Methods and Communicate Said Results to Policymakers
  13. Why Quantitative Investigations Help Solve Social Problems Through the Application of Social Science Related Statistical Methods
  14. How Quantitative Methods Allow Policy Makers to Review Relevant Policy Propositions Which Relate to Public Health, Education, Welfare, or Criminal Issues
  15. How Dioxins Research Can Aid Policy Transformation for Public Health
  16. How Policymakers Distinguish between High and Low Quality Empirical Research When Making Decisions
  17. How Policies Can Be Improved In Poverty, Criminal Justice, Health, Education, Development, Welfare, and Others
  18. How Quantitative Research Design Produces Convincing Analyses Using Largescale and Small-scale Datasets
  19. How Incarceration Research Can Aid Policy Transformation for Economic Policy
  20. How Empirical Social Science Research is Analyzed to Utilize Practical Applications and Solve Real-world Public Policy Problems

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20 Topics on Hellenistic Philosophies for a Research Essay

If you are writing on Hellenistic philosophy and need a topic, consider the twenty below:

  1. Epicureans Beliefs about Knowledge and the Derived Sources for These Beliefs
  2. What Stoic Epistemology Really Is
  3. Defining Ancient Skepticism and the Influence Cicero Had On Its Growth
  4. Epicurean Cosmos: the Idea of Freedom Within; Concepts of Indeterminism and Anti-Teleology
  5. Stoic Ontology as a Criteria for Identity and How Chrysippus Contributed to the Understanding of Identity
  6. Stoic Cosmos and the Issue of Freedom Including Determinism and Teleology
  7. The Role Posidonius Played in Stoic Physics
  8. Epicureanism and the Idea of Moral End
  9. Stoic Ethics and How to Live in Accordance with Nature in Peace
  10. Different Hellenistic Theories for Affections: Stoics and Epicureans
  11. The Theory of Action Within Skepticism and Ethics
  12. How Marcus Aurelius Contributed to the Concept of Meditations
  13. Understanding Lucretius and His Contributions to “The Nature of All Things in the World”
  14. The Causes and Explanations for Philosophies of Ancient Greece
  15. The History of Ancient Medicine and Hellenistic Philosophy
  16. The Greek Philosophers of the Hellenistic Times: Contribution to the Philosophies
  17. The Epicurus’ Scientific Method and Its Relation to the Other
  18. The Transmission of Greek Wisdom Defined by Lucretius
  19. Philodemus Contribution to the Greek Understanding of Ethics
  20. Emotions, Duties, and the Fate of Those Leading a Stoic Life

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20 Topics on Applied Anthropology in Real Life for a Research Essay

When you are in search of great anthropology topics that you can use for your next paper, there are many items from which to choose.

The list below should serve as a bank of potential research essay topics that might be useful for your next writing assignment:

  1. Why Ethnographic Studies Are a Primary Method for Gathering Research Used Prevalently since 1928
  2. How Religious Diversity in Middle Eastern Villages Differs from African Villages
  3. How Gender Differences in Middle Eastern Villages Differ from African Villages
  4. How Ethnographies Are Viable Teaching Tools Designed to Integrate People in Another Community
  5. The Comparison of Cross Cultural Concepts between Two Cultures of Your Choice
  6. The Similarities between South Korean and American Hip Hop
  7. The Immigration Patterns in South American from Cities
  8. What Role Agriculture Has Played on Social Relationships between Different Towns in Egypt
  9. Non-Conformist Sub-Cultures such as Star Trek Fans or Porn Stars
  10. Work Completed by Non-Field Workers and Whether Their Ethnographic Contributions Are Valid Scientific Studies
  11. How Alternative Women’s Roles and Gender Rights Can Be Historical in One Culture, a Thing of Ancient Past, But Current and Well-Accepted in Another
  12. Human Rights in America versus China and How They Differ
  13. How People View Other Cultures through a Lens of Their Own Culture and What Problems This Can Cause
  14. How Anger or Pity toward “Others” Is an Easier Emotion than Empathy
  15. Cultural Shifts Which Have Happened since President Obama Was Elected
  16. The Trends That Take Place after Key Historical Moments, such as How When Famous Television Shows End, People Will Become Depressed and Will Make Emotionally Driven Decisions to Sell Their Stock
  17. The Cultural Limitations Which Exist between Hmong Patients and Western Doctors
  18. The Anthropological Issues between Eastern Healers and Western Biomedicine
  19. The Ethical Problems Which Arise When Parents Refuse to Consent to Necessary Medical Interventions or Surgeries for Their Child Because of Cultural Limitations, Without Which the Child Will Likely Die
  20. The Power of Hand Gestures and Facial Expressions in Overcoming Cultural Barriers and Language Differences

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20 Excellent Topics for a Research Essay on Apache Native Americans

If you need to write a research essay on Apache Native Americans, consider the 20 excellent topics below. These are meant as a guide and can give you a great starting point from which to find a topic that is interesting to you personally and conforms with your writing assignment guidelines:

  1. Federal Laws during the 1800’s That Influenced the Forced Removal of Many Apache Tribes
  2. How the Customs of the Plains Apache Tribes in Oklahoma Differ from the Apache Native American Tribes in New Mexico and Arizona
  3. Why the Tribes in Oklahoma Live on Trust Land in Lieu of a Reservation
  4. How Living under the Apache Native American Laws and the U.S. Laws Can Present Legal Dilemmas
  5. How Westward Expansion in the United States Impacted the Local Population of Apache Native Americans
  6. Chores of Apache Native American Children Would Complete
  7. Traditional Cradleboard Design Compared to Other Tribes
  8. Factors That Have Influenced the Development of the Apache Native American Language
  9. The Difference between the Tribal Council and the U.S. Congress
  10. The Hunt of Apache Native Americans: Tools and Weapons
  11. The Key Trading Partners of Apache Native Americans
  12. Arts and Crafts of the Apache
  13. The Main Apache Native American Legends in Comparison with Other Tribes
  14. Gender Roles in the Apache Native American Tribes
  15. The Apache Native American Homes Comparing to Other Tribes
  16. Changes in Apache Native American Clothing over the Decades
  17. Transportation Methods of the Apache Native American tribes
  18. The Difference of Food in the Apache and Other Native American Tribes
  19. Cultural Changes between the Five Tribes in Arizona
  20. Cultural Changes between the Five Tribes in New Mexico

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Research Essay Topics

Once you are given a task to write a research paper – wide range of topics are opened before you. The type of the essay topic speaks for itself. The research essay topics are based mostly on analyzing the informational resources. The main tip for writing the research essays is that the main idea or question must be covered as deeply as possible. It means that the topic of your research paper might have a lot of aspects to be cleared. If you choose one concrete aspect to write about, than your research essay will be successful. Otherwise, your research paper will be either too large, or too general.  …

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