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Very often students find that paper writing is inhibited at the times when we most want or need to write. We are afflicted by writing blocks. In these case students need help of professional writers to break these blocks and to write their academic papers successfully.

In the present section of this chapter we will first examine the relatively simple question of what the causes of writing blocks might be, and then we will try to help with your writing problems by considering more difficult question of how such blocks might be removed and the flow of writing initiated or maintained.

Writing blocks may be put into two categories, procedural or psychological, depending on whether we cannot decide what to write next in the term paper or research paper we cannot bring ourselves to write anything next. There is a third general reason why writing might become difficult at times, and that might be called physical. Writing requires far more physical effort than reading, than talking or listening.

It may occasionally be the case that we are too tired to write at all, but what is more likely is that fatigue is a supplementary but critical factor when we are experiencing writing difficulties with a psychological or procedural basis. We are too tired to solve our own problems and need a help to solve them, especially since overcoming writing blocks frequently requires effort and determination. To struggle for half an hour with an unyielding sentence that is not exactly what we want to say, while we do not know exactly what we want to say, can demand the concentration and stamina of an athlete.

Procedural Blocks

Quite literally, we can be in the position of not knowing what to write next. This need not mean that we have no idea why we are trying to write in the first place, nor that we are incapable of putting words together if we know what to say in this paper. The situation can perhaps best be expressed in terms of levels of intention. …

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Academic Paper Writing Help and Tips

Don’t be scared if you have trouble getting started your paper, all writers have experienced this more than once in their lives.

Paper writing isn’t an easy task as you might think before. It requires a lot of skills, time and concentration. Sometimes you can spend days on your paper, don’t be surprised. Inexperienced writers think that there is nothing complicated in paper writing, however, if you are limited by format and topic boundaries, writing the paper becomes much more complicated task than composing an email to your friend. Here we will list and describe some techniques that will help you start writing and concentrate on your topic and main idea that you want to deliver to your audience. These techniques are listing and free-writing.


Listing is a simple way to produce information in writing. If you are creating your own paper, you can make a list of potential subjects. If you are responding to teacher’s directions, you can list what you already know or need to know about the issue of the paper. Begin by giving your list a title, a prompt that will evoke events, impressions, and ideas. Write the title at the top of a new page in your notebook, and then, working down the page as quickly as possible, list any word or phrase that comes to mind. Don’t stop to edit, organize, or evaluate the items in your list. Merely spill them down the page in whatever form they occur to you. Don’t be unenthusiastic by occasional pauses or by the strange ideas you wrote down to keep the list going. The task is to list as many as possible. It doesn’t mean that each phrase should be useful from the very beginning, you need all that occurs in your mind….

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Academic Papers

The paper, particularly term paper, is very close in the meaning to the essay but still there are some differences. While essay can also mean free-writing or personal expression of something, papers are certainly connected to the educational process. Usually when teachers assign to write a paper, you will most probably have the list of questions that you will need to answer or have specific assignment to accomplish. The idea is that you will know what you need to write about and in what form. On the contrary, essay is a broader term. Essay assignment usually doesn’t necessarily have strict and concrete frames. You can be asked to write an essay on any topic in any form, simply in order to express your thoughts or to learn to perform first steps in writing.

Nowadays it is hard to find students who don’t know what custom term paper or midterm paper mean. All students face this task at least once in their college life. In schools, colleges, and universities most of the assignments are given in the paper form. Students still have quizzes and tests but with increase in the complexity of subjects and education level more and more term and midterm papers will get through the learning process. While in school teachers want us first of all to know the theory, in the high school and college we are already asked to express our personal opinion or make researches. Therefore it is very important for the student to be a good writer. Writing successful papers requires not only knowledge but also certain skills. There are many types of essays, which students have to accomplish during their education. They are:

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