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Research Paper on Network Devices Security

Sample Research Paper on Network Devices Security:
Many organizations today have large local area networks (LAN) and keeping track of all devices connected to the network is a hard task especially for the IT personnel. As new devices are added to the network and others removed, it is necessary to have an updated record of the devices that actively or passively access the resources of a certain LAN. This could be done by collection of information about these devices, and this process of collection of such information is referred to as network discovery. This information can be; the device’s MAC address, IP address and the services accessed or provided by the device.

There are various steps that an organization should follow to determine the needs of an organization in discovering of all devices in a network. First, the organization should consider the resources that are being accessed at a certain time and by which people. This reduces security threats from hackers accessing the network resources or important information. Secondly, the organization should be in a position to monitor the network bandwidth and make sure that it is not slowed down by packets sent by unknown sources. Also an organization should consider easier implementation and assigning of different roles to different devices in accordance to the organization standards. This should include monitoring of softwares installed on different devices, their licenses and when they are due to expire in order to avoid legal problems, and the versions installed for these softwares. Lastly, an organization should consider network discovery devices that incase of a network failure will easily detect that of point of failure and correct the network problem in time….

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