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Movie Review on Gravity

Writing a movie review is not among the most popular assignments that students love to do, because when students think of a movie; their brains switch to entertainment mode where they can relax and enjoy what the movie has to offer them. A movie review certainly takes this away from them because it forces them to concentrate and engage critical thought when watching the movie, regardless of the number of times they must watch the movie.

When asked to compose a movie review on Gravity, for instance, you should try and watch the movie more than once, if circumstances permit. This is because when one watches a movie just once, it becomes very easy to miss key elements, and once one misses these key elements, it becomes difficult to write an excellent movie review. When you write a movie review, it should entail mostly explaining your opinion about the movie, while supporting any criticism you may have in the movie review. For example, if after watching the movie, you felt embarrassed, disappointed or excited, provide a valid reason as to why you felt this way and you could back up this statement by pointing out the part of the movie that made you feel this way. …

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