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Essay: Merger Analysis Outline

October 29, 2013

A. Comparison between the two companies.
Traditionally hierarchy has a control chain of command and structure for both Utah and Opera symphony. This process of joining all these systems from different organizations is referred to as integration. An organization’s life cycle fits well within the aspect of integration; cycles of acquisition in which enterprises by come into partnership with other organizations and eventually do away with other businesses. The most significant thing for one to note is the acquisition of the business documents of the organization within the merger (Bergelin, 2000). It is an efficient way and essential element of many organizations. Before Utah symphony was merged with opera symphony its financial status was uninviting. Scott Parker who is the chairperson of the board understood the situation and noted it. The fall of the economy and event of 9/11 aggravated the situation. However, before the economies fall and 9/11, symphony was at a verge of deficit situation. Scott Parker assumed his position and tried to make the situation lesser.

Emphasis is laid on the success of the organization and the power of leadership. In both companies, employees are the actual performers and their input is absorbed from the top to the lowest level of their management, and they are considered for worthy. The central issue that affected the companies is the structure of the organization because they differed in ideas. The boards of directors were answerable to by the Music Directors and CEO’s. Lockhard saw it as an affront to his dignity by reporting to Ewers even though she was energetic and a good listener. Ewers compulsory approach may be good in some circumstances, but it would hinder the flexibility of the organization and depress employee’s morale of working. This would affect Utah Opera since it does not keep his orchestra but entirely depend on Utah symphony’s services. Opera could not function on its own without an orchestra, and it would be disband. Utah symphony has a significant role in work flow. It influences information flow, job responsibilities and increases communication network both in and out of the organization. …

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