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Mentoring Research Paper

The Rational Criteria for Success
Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship between two individuals where one individual usually the mentor, offers guidance and advice through training, counseling and coaching to another individual who is usually less experienced and knowledgeable the mentee (Brounstein, 2000). The process of mentorship is continuous and involves the exchange of information between the mentor and mentee all in an effort to equip an individual with the capacity to perform better at his or her job or progress in her/his career. A good mentor knows where to start and has a deep understanding of the problem at hand based on his or her past experiences and the wealth of knowledge he has (Eigenmann, 2001).

A good case scenario will be an individual who has been kicked out of university for failing to pass his university examination and failing twice. The most important question that a mentor asks is what is the problem? Could it be that the individual is not interested, is there an underlying problem like problems at home, peer pressure etc. The reason could be a combination of any of these factors or a single one of them. The role of a mentor is to offer relevant, practical advice and critical support to the mentee in order for him to overcome the problem (Fletcher, 2000). A good mentor sets a road map which consists of small and achievable targets that can be easily evaluated for progress and advice given (Harrington, & Terry, 2008). The mentor has to predetermine the standards and benchmarks against which he or she evaluates for objectives achievement and effectiveness of the advice given. Again key performance indicators are predetermined and reevaluated every time the mentor feels that the mentee has achieved the set targets….

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