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Medicine and Management

The majority of hospitals in the United States remain to be non-profit, that is, having a charitable purpose and sometimes affiliated with some religious denomination. Non-for-profit hospitals have been a traditional means of delivering medical care in the United States; however, by the late twentieth century they have been supplemented by competing investor-owned hospitals created for the purpose of making profit. While many non-profit hospitals have successfully fulfilled their charitable mission by receiving various forms of subsidy, now their existence became threatened by the expansion of well-run, investor-owned hospitals and ambulatory care facilities. Their mission is to deliver medical care efficiently and cost-effectively.

The issue of whether medical care should remain a non-profit rather then a for-profit business have been debated fiercely as health care have always been a special category of business in which every decision, clinical as well as economic, has had an ethical dimension to it. Some advocates of the transition from the non-profit to for-profit medicine argue that the for-profits are simply the future of health care with its need for constant improvement of services and introduction of new technology. …

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