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Essay on Health and Social Care

March 22, 2013

Health and Social Care Guidelines:
The health and safety policy for the hospital with patients who are disabled and partially sighted shows that most of the needs have been met. Legislation on such hospitals requires the institution to consider the needs of the patients in terms of the difficulties they have in moving. By ensuring that the patients’ visits are conducted on appointment, they have time to prepare themselves for the visit and organize what they need for the visit. The hospital has well organized visiting days that consider the difficulties of each set of patients in the allocation of time for visiting.

The floor plan of the clinic allows for easy movement for the patients by having only one floor with all the required facilities. The many consulting rooms enable the patient consultation process to take place faster thus reducing the time spent in the clinic waiting. However, the location of the sole treatment room at the back of the clinic may be inefficient in design. This is because it is further away than the other room and requires more time to get there for the patients. …

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