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Culture Values

January 28, 2008

At the beginning we must have an imagination about what is culture. From Latin this word means: cultivation, education, formation, homage, and upbringing. This spread range of meanings, shows us that culture is the one of the most important factors for developing strong and wise social consciousness. Spiritual and material values are integral part of culture. “For where your treasure [value] is, there your heart will be also” – is written in Bible (Mt. 6:21). Human’s motivation often is egoistic profit and gaining of it takes all life. Likewise it is destructive motive that developed by greed. Really creative motive is ministry to people around and work for common peace. Therefore such values must be he part of excellent society. So, every nation disappears or becomes stronger supported with loss or consolidation of definite types of culture and values connected with them.

On the pattern of the essay “Why They Excel” by Fox Butterfield we have admitted this point of view on the example of American and Asian cultures, and their influence on students success. Part of Asian children after they’ve come to America and began studying at the University also began to excel among American students. And author analyzes this phenomena with other scientists. They have proved, that IQ level, of American and Asian children, doesn’t differ. But they have noticed other, not less important, thing about upbringing children by their parents….

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