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California Evidence Law Essay

October 5, 2012

Aspects of California Evidence Law and its impact on people in today’s Society
1.0 Introduction
There are various aspects of the California Evidence Law which impacts many individuals involved in the court of law, as well as the wider society. It is common knowledge that life cannot divorce itself from conflicts whether civil and criminal which is handled in the courts of law. The California Evidence Law has various aspects that influence how both the prosecutors and the defendants may argue their cases in court, how they can present their evidence, the nature of proof that is acceptable and that which is not accepted by the courts, among other key issues that affect people involved in the court processes. This paper makes effort to address the issues linked to California Evidence Law, and the impacts they have on paper.

The law of evidence in California has elements that are borrowed from the Federal Law of Evidence and that are why there will be close reference of the two laws. The aspects of the California Evidence law as reflected in this paper are such important issues that not only the lawyers who practice law should be well acquainted with, but also for the common man to be well versed with so as to interrelate with the laws well in the event they have to be used in the court of law in many capacities. People are used in courts as witnesses; as well as well they may appear in court as defendants and thus the California evidence law compounds as an important law, both for the people and the law practitioners. This law has impacts the people much since they come into interaction with the court processes in various ways, and may not have the formal schooling on matters of law and on evidence laws in particular. Thus this paper is such an important in outlining some of the critical aspects of the laws….

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