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Essay Writing Tips

One of the most difficult thing students face during studying at College, High School or University is essay writing.

Here’s some useful essay writing tips that will surely help you to write an essay and get good grades:

1. When writing an essay – fill it up with fluff, less thinking for you, and more stuff to write about.

2. Don’t use your own ideas, use someone else’s, your friends or the internet.

3. Pick an easy topic.

4. When writing – wait for the last possible minute to start writing.

5. Try playing some music, and see where your thoughts are taken.

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College Essay Writing Tips

There are several ways in which a college essay can be made to create a good impression on the markers. The first requirement is that the wrier should start at the earliest available opportunity to start writing a college essay. The usual tendency is to postpone the writing of the essay till the last minute and rush on it. This would create unnecessary stress on the part of the student writing the college essay and also will spoil the quality of the contents of the essay.

In writing a formal college essay formatting the essay helps in creating a first good impression. Hence the essay needs to be formatted with proof reading paying strict and closer attention to the unity in tab space settings, indents and proper margins.

The next essential requirement of writing a good college essay is that the writer should keep a dictionary handy or should equip the computer in which he is working with an online dictionary. In case the writer does not have access to the dictionary and if he does not know the meaning of a particular word it is better to choose an alternative word for which he knows the meaning.

Before starting writing college essays, it is better to have the outline of the essay ready. This would greatly facilitate a free and coherent flow of the college essay throughout.

It is also important to create the work cited page as and when different works are referred. This would help in completing the college essay writing properly without omitting any of the references. Similarly it is very important that the quoting is just up to the mark. It is important that the writer while writing the college essay, the writer should limit the quotations and references to a limited extent. This means that the college essay should not contain either too many or too less references and quotations. It must just be at the appropriate level and numbers.

The flow of the contents of the college essay paper can be maintained by a proper transitioning between one paragraph and the other. This implies that the ending of one paragraph should lead to the beginning of the other one. It is always better to collect three or four times the information needed so that the writer can use those which are more appropriate for making the essay attractive and readable.

It is better for the writer to be assertive in writing the college essay avoiding the expression like ’I think’ or ‘In my opinion’.

The effectiveness of the college essay is largely increased by adding relevant statistical information and tables which add value to the essay. The writer of the essay should collect as many information and data as possible to present to the reader. This enhances the meaning of the essay.

In any case the writer should not leave track of the main theme of the custom essay and should organize the thoughts and words center round the topic he is dealing with in the essay. Before submitting the final copy of the college essay the writer should proofread, revise, and edit the essay thoroughly so that all grammatical and other errors can be corrected. This is one of the important steps in writing a good college essay.

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Essay Writing Help: Overview of Online Services

Essay to be simply defined includes an organized collection of one’s thoughts on a particular topic. In any educational course, or other academia several topics on different subjects are assigned for essay writing. Essay writing can be effectively done to attract the readers provided the writer has the proficiency in the subject as well as the skills to write an essay.

The purposes for which the essays are usually written include describing or defining a specific subject or comparing related items in any particular subject. Essays may also be written to make a narrative of any particular circumstances or to show the cause and effect of any action. The essay writing often is undertaken to explain a critical process or to deliver an argument. The length of the essays written may be different depending on the subject, requirement, and expertise of the wrier on the topic and subject the writer has chosen.

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Typical Mistakes of Essay Writing

In essay writing, there are some mistakes that would usually go unnoticed on the part of the essay writer but which an experienced examiner will automatically detect. The most predominant of all these Typical Mistakes of Essay Writing is misspelled words. This mistake is indeed typical to those who must submit handwritten essays. Even those who use software such as MS Word will experience these instances although the program usually tries to underline the errors. The best way to deal with this Typical Mistakes is by Proofreading the essay once the work is through.

The second type of typical mistakes encountered in essay writing is editorial mistakes, such as incorrect use of “it’s” and “its”. In this simple example, a writer would have intended to use the conjunction short form but ended up using the possessive word for an animal, thing or being. Some other instances of encountering such typical mistake is when essay writers use similar sounding words. Unfortunately, the MS Word program does not have a way of capturing these typical mistakes hence they usually go unnoticed until the examiner penalizes them.

Another major error that forms a core typical mistake is the use of the Passive voice in the essay. Since the essay must be very revealing in many ways, the Passive voice is highly discouraged to a minimal. However, especially in the instances were essay writers encounter the verb “To be”, many mistakes are made. This is because this verb is not strong in the English vocabulary therefore typical mistakes usually arising as writers confuse the active voice of this verb with the passive voice.

Of course, punctuation errors feature highly in the list of typical mistakes, and maybe I should have mentioned them as the first. The problem with typical mistakes of this kind is that there is no rule of thumb. If a writer uses an excessive dose of punctuation marks, an examiner would usually take offense because they may think that the writer is merely trying to display there good command of the English language. Incidentally, this typical mistake will equally find the writer on the wrong side should they decide to use punctuation marks sparingly. When this happens, examiners’ are usually quick to note them and there is nothing that will convince them that this particular writer is not illiterate. The question as to which is the balance necessary for writers to strike is one that receives varied answers depending on the tolerance level of the examiner.

Another typical mistake is the inappropriate use of paragraph breaks. In as much as it is common practice to develop one idea only within the confines of one paragraph, many writers would usually make the typical mistake of changing ideas within the same paragraph. This results in long-winded paragraphs that are jam packed with several ideas. The results is that the essay appears to be very congested when ideally, had paragraph breaks been used, would have resulted into a huge difference.

Last but not in any way the least is the typical mistake of failing to meet the page limit stated by examiners at the beginning of the essay. Maybe this typical mistake is as a consequence of an overflow of ideas, that make writers unable to contain themselves. Or maybe it is the very attempt at containment that results in a writer writing just one page less than the required, which usually will consist of a very long final paragraph that was probably designed to extend by a small margin, into the other page. Whichever the reason, an examiner will definitely not miss penalizing this kind of typical error.

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