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Technology Ethics in the Classroom essay

September 19, 2011

Technology Ethics in the Classroom essay example:
Question 1:
The application as well as the use of technology in the classroom has been incorporated in learning and hence not a fact that can be ignored. With technology being incorporated in our daily learning and more especially in the classroom, then the students shall be enabled to become more productive individuals in the future. Since every classroom have applied the use of computers in the classroom or current technology, it is very vital for parents and teachers to monitor what the learners are doing on the computers, in addition with, how they are utilizing their time (Ivers & Pierson, 2003). When used properly, computers can be very good educational tools, in addition with, a good investment.

In each day, schools, in addition with, the students and teachers rely mainly on computers in performing their daily activities. Teachers use them in student grades recording, receiving, as well as, sending emails. Individuals mainly depend on the use of computers for creating, storing, in addition with, managing critical information, hence the computers must be protected from damage misuse or loss (Ivers & Pierson, 2003). For example, School districts must take care and guarantee that information of a student such as rates of attendance, grades, learning problems and family as well as personal data protecting them from loss and maintaining confidentiality. …

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