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Essay on Lee Towndrow the Photographer

October 18, 2011

Essay on Lee Towndrow the Photographer
Lee Towndrow is a renowned commercial and portrait photographer from Canada but currently based in U.S.A. Lee Towndrow began his profession as a photographer and designer with a design firm that he founded. The firm was popularly known for the artwork of creating the album cover for prominent bands from Canada including Sloan, The Inbreds, The Flashing Lights and Michelle McAdorey. Towndrow became a Flame artist in 2000. This happened at TOPIX Computer Graphics, an exposure that he utilized in creating effects for TV commercials and various music videos. He lived in Buenos Aires from 2004 to 2005, the place from which, he did a collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, Raumlabor-Berlin, m7red, Kiwi, Eugenia Herrera, and Cecilia Sainz on conceptual art projects like Proyecto Venus, ArteBA and Darkroom.

Every product of Towndrow is appealing and captures my attention. As part of his achievements, one of Lee Towndrow’s photographs was featured on the Applied Arts Photography’s cover as well as on the Illustration Annual which happened in the year 2000. Some other two photographs of Lee were selected and featured in the 2011 Graphics Top 100 collection of photographs. His series of achievements are a source of motivation to every lover of photography….

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