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The Emptiness of Promiscuity and Addiction

July 21, 2008

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway grants the reading world a smooth flowing unification of various modern, in fact timeless, concepts of human life. Hemmingway’s semi-autobiographical representations of life as part of the “Lost Generation” seem to ring as true today as they must have then (CliffNotes). This is certainly one of the characteristics common to all of the great literary works of the world: long-standing relevance to central life issues. With a cynical air throughout and lonely breezes of insatiability – both of a sexual nature and concerning personal integrity – the book has come to represent all humans at one point or another in the course of their lives. This document will explore some of the ambiguities and ironies that exist within the pages of this important work, and how it tends to place all of those who read it in touch with the shallower, less predictable side of their psyches….

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