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Don Quixote Essay

June 18, 2010

The Webster Dictionary defines a hero as a person that is courageous and performs noble deeds. Many people would argue that Don Quixote falls under the category of being a hero because of the fine line that is drawn with Webster’s definition. Unfortunately, some close examination of the text will show that he really isn’t a hero.

Part of Webster’s definition for a hero states that the person must be courageous and takes courageous actions. Don Quixote definitely does take many courageous actions. One of these examples would be when he attacks the windmills. This is definitely a courageous act. He could have easily been hurt or even killed. Many people would say that this would show his heroics. He also shows his courage when he decides that he wants to fight the lions. Anyone that would want to try and fight a lion most definitely has courage. Luckily for Don Quixote, the lion did not want to fight, but rather wanted to rest. Once again Don Quixote showed his courageous side however. At the end of the story, Don Quixote decides to try and defeat the Knight of the White Moon to show his heroics. He is very courageous for doing this because at his older age, one blow could do very much damage and it does, as we all know. Anyone that would ride a horse and take a chance of getting hit with a lance has some serious courage….

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