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20 Topics on the Enneagram Personality Types for a Descriptive Essay

If you are tasked with writing a descriptive essay about nine personality types and the Enneagram, you have to select a topic that is truly of interest to you personally. The more engaged you are with the topic, the easier you will find the research and writing process to be. That being said, picking a topic can often be the most challenging aspect of any writing which is why you will find twenty potential topics listed below. These are meant as a guide and may or may not be ideally suited to your writing task as they are, but they can nonetheless function as a wonderful starting point for you to come up with a topic that you love:…

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20 Topics on Canadian Food for a Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay about something you are not exactly an expert on is never easy. It becomes even more difficult when you are free to choose any topic within the confines of a general theme – your knowledge is insufficient to choose anything in particular as you simply have no idea what to choose from. So, if you have to write a descriptive essay about Canadian cuisine, feel free to use these topics we’ve prepared for you:

  1. Poutine – an Artery-Clogging Delight of Canadian Cuisine
  2. Maple Syrup as the Basic Symbol of Canadian Culture
  3. Canadian Ice Wine and Why It Is So Special
  4. BeaverTails – Pastry Celebrating Canadian National Animal
  5. Newfoundland Cod Tongues – Refuse Turned Delicacy
  6. Pemmican – the Precursor of Modern Protein Bars
  7. Butter Tart – the Most Canadian Dessert in Canada
  8. Ice Beer – the Canadian Contribution to the World of Brewing
  9. Tourtiere – Traditional French-Canadian Dish
  10. Donairs – Middle-Eastern Food Turned Canadian
  11. The Disputed Origins of Nanaimo Bar
  12. Bloody Caesar – Canada’s National Cocktail
  13. Traditional Cuisine of the First Nations
  14. Montreal-Style Bagel – Jewish Contribution to Canadian Cuisine
  15. Fiddleheads and The Ways They Are Prepared in Canada
  16. Acadian Rappie Pie and Its Origins
  17. Fish and Brewis – Traditional Newfoundland Delicacy
  18. Garlic Fingers as a Canadian Take on Pizza
  19. Tiger Tail Ice cream – Ubiquitous Canadian Licorice Dessert
  20. Flapper Pie as a Staple of Canadian Prairie Culture

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