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14 Facts on the Enneagram Personality Types for a Descriptive Essay

January 21, 2016

If you are tasked with crafting a descriptive essay on the Enneagram, it is important that you include many different facts to substantiate your thesis and your claims. That being said, below you will find a handful of useful facts that can help you present a comprehensive understanding of what the Enneagram is and how it can be used:…

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20 Topics on Canadian Food for a Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay about something you are not exactly an expert on is never easy. It becomes even more difficult when you are free to choose any topic within the confines of a general theme – your knowledge is insufficient to choose anything in particular as you simply have no idea what to choose from. So, if you have to write a descriptive essay about Canadian cuisine, feel free to use these topics we’ve prepared for you:

  1. Poutine – an Artery-Clogging Delight of Canadian Cuisine
  2. Maple Syrup as the Basic Symbol of Canadian Culture
  3. Canadian Ice Wine and Why It Is So Special
  4. BeaverTails – Pastry Celebrating Canadian National Animal
  5. Newfoundland Cod Tongues – Refuse Turned Delicacy
  6. Pemmican – the Precursor of Modern Protein Bars
  7. Butter Tart – the Most Canadian Dessert in Canada
  8. Ice Beer – the Canadian Contribution to the World of Brewing
  9. Tourtiere – Traditional French-Canadian Dish
  10. Donairs – Middle-Eastern Food Turned Canadian
  11. The Disputed Origins of Nanaimo Bar
  12. Bloody Caesar – Canada’s National Cocktail
  13. Traditional Cuisine of the First Nations
  14. Montreal-Style Bagel – Jewish Contribution to Canadian Cuisine
  15. Fiddleheads and The Ways They Are Prepared in Canada
  16. Acadian Rappie Pie and Its Origins
  17. Fish and Brewis – Traditional Newfoundland Delicacy
  18. Garlic Fingers as a Canadian Take on Pizza
  19. Tiger Tail Ice cream – Ubiquitous Canadian Licorice Dessert
  20. Flapper Pie as a Staple of Canadian Prairie Culture

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10 Facts on Canadian Food for a Descriptive Essay

December 9, 2015

There are cuisines that are well-known to everybody, like French or Chinese. Canadian cuisine isn’t among them – in other countries you will rarely see a place where you can taste authentic Canadian food. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer to those who are willing to taste it.

1. The Origins of Poutine are Shrouded in Mystery

Poutine is the iconic Canadian dish, consisting of French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. Despite being relatively young (it appeared back in 1950s), nobody really knows for sure where it comes from and who invented it. Several regions in Canada claim this honor, while some scholars believe that it came from the northern UK, where a dish known as “chips, cheese and gravy” has been known since 1900s. The etymology of the name is unclear as well: it may be a gallicization of the English word “pudding”, a derivation from a slang word meaning “mess”, with half a dozen other theories going around….

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20 Topics for a Descriptive Essay on Life in Kenya Based on “A Primate’s Memoir”

November 17, 2015

When you are tasked with writing a descriptive essay on life in Kenya based on a book, you have to be selective about the topic you choose. It should be something the author wrote about, something that you can take as a single moment, a single activity, or a single day, and convey in vivid detail to the reader utilizing all of the five senses.

Below you will find a list of 20 topics for a descriptive essay on life in Kenya:

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12 Facts for a Descriptive Essay on Life in Kenya Based on “A Primate’s Memoir”

November 17, 2015

The descriptive essay is one that is a more creative piece of academic writing, rather than a scientific one. In many cases your job is to write about what science or facts might tell you explicitly, or to analyze intent or purpose. But with the descriptive piece, your job is to describe something, someone, or someplace in vivid detail, utilizing all of the senses to create such a visceral picture that your reader feels as though they are there with you, experiencing the topic of your piece.

That being said, when you are describing life in Kenya, that means you must take some of the aspects from this book and use them as a sincere depiction of daily activities, of the life of the primates or of an action that is taken during the day for the primate. This is where you are free to use your best diction and economy to really bring to life what it is like in Kenya, something that you can do using only the information provided in this book. While many professors will allow students more flexibility in their writing topic for creative pieces such as this, when you are asked to write a descriptive essay on life in Kenya based on this book, you do not need to have lived in Kenya in order to reproduce the daily activities, the smell, the sights, the sounds, or just one item within that world. You can select one finer aspect of the daily life in Kenya and use it as the focal point for your descriptive piece….

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Descriptive Essay Ideas

In order to be able to write a good descriptive essay – you have to be able to think everything through. From the moment the professor has assigned you a descriptive essay – you have to start thinking on it, and on everything related to it. It does not matter, if the deadline for the descriptive essay is in months – the rule is “The more you think and plan it – the better it will be”.

So if you have already started on planning the descriptive essay – you have to be able to come up with clean, interesting and understandable descriptive essay ideas related to the topic you are given. For some students it may seem unbearable to come up with fresh and unique descriptive essay topics, and these students require quality descriptive essay idea examples, which are listed below:…

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Descriptive Essay

January 3, 2008

A descriptive essay aims at describing something of particular interest to the writer. It could be a description of a person, a place, a memory, an experience or some particular piece of object tat has captured the writer’s attention. The approach to writing this descriptive essay usually varies widely from one writer to another. Some writers can describe a person while utilizing very vivid depictions, yet others can do the same using a wide array of examples to back up there analysis of the same person. Similarly, one writer comparing that memory with another memory that to them seemed very extraordinary, thus resulting in a very interesting descriptive essay can accomplish a descriptive essay about a memory. Another writer can approach the same topic by being very sensual in there description if that memory, hence transporting readers into there world of peculiar or ordinary sensualities.

Most of all however, the major issue to remember when attempting to write a descriptive essay is the reason that has led you to the task in the first place. In many such cases the reason for writing a particular descriptive essay will influence the writers perspective and the language that the writer will eventually use in the accomplishment of that task.

Secondly, the writer must always approach a descriptive essay with the attitude that they are embarking on showing the readers the events, or emotions or perspecti8ves that are unique to that particular descriptive essay. This approach is what makes a descriptive essay worth its name. The usual approach in writing essays is for writers to embark on telling the readers the particular events that took place in the essay, or telling the features of the essay. However, in a descriptive essay writers are sifted according to their ability to show the readers what they would have otherwise simply told. This approach enables readers to imagine or experience the events singly, without anyone needing to clarify it to them. They can actually ‘see’, ‘feel’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘touch’ or ‘hear’ what is happening in the descriptive essay.

Once a writer has identified what or whom they want to describe, the second part to look at is the reason as to why this particular description is warranted. In analyzing the reason for writing about a particular topic, the writer must approach the issue with the view of emphasizing what makes it interesting. Basically, it means justifying the time spent in writing the descriptive essay. Could it be that the reason for writing about a particular topic is that it appears to be amazingly unusual, remarkably new or simply a repetition of an old mistake?

Moving on, he writer will now engage the reader with the particular qualities that they feel are important in this descriptive essay. As stated before, the writers’ best tools are those that enable the reader to use there senses in looking at this said qualities. The writer must therefore seek to cultivate an environment were readers are encouraged to open up there five senses as they read, i.e. the sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. This means that a writer must indulge in numerous descriptive details to ensure that your readers can generate for themselves acceptably vivid impressions of the issues to feed on there emotions and perspectives.

Things to watch out for in writing descriptive essays are that one should never digress from the topic. This can be achieved by seeking to focus the reader on one or two dominant impressions that can be distinctly singled out. This will enable the writer to come up with a very succinct organization pattern that is clear and funnel shaped. By funnel shaped, I mean that the descriptive essay must easily be seen to evolve from the general to the specific. The best way to achieve effective organization of a descriptive essay is to make sure that each paragraph describes only one aspect of your description and refrains from including unnecessary details.

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