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20 Topics on the Role of Music in Creativity for a Deductive Essay

We understand it might be difficult to pick a topic after going through our previous guide on 10 facts on the role of music in creativity for a deductive essay. Well, not to worry because, in this second part of the series, you’ll find some amazing topics to spark your creative imagination. After the end of this guide, you’ll be able to successfully write an excellent deductive essay.

Here are 20 topic suggestions on the subject:

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20 Topics on Emma Larkin’s “Finding George Orwell in Burma” for a Deductive Essay

If you are looking for viable deductive essay topics about the book “Finding George Orwell in Burma” then consider the twenty items below:

  1. The Many Tools Used by the Burmese Government to Control Their People
  2. The Most Important Tool Being That of Fear
  3. How the Military Intelligence Functions as One of the Tools Used by the Government
  4. How Local People Worked as Informers for Military Intelligence Spies
  5. How Burmese Government Controlled History by Changing Names and Buildings
  6. How Fear of Imprisonment or Torture Kept People from Considering Uprisings
  7. How British Names Were Removed And Physical Location Names Changed after 1988 Uprising
  8. How People Who Were Murdered by the Government Were Immediately Disposed of and The Blood on The Streets Was Washed Away
  9. How the Government Could Alleviate Risk of Any Future Generations Being Motivated by the Uprisings or Actions of Others
  10. How the Government Had Sensors in Magazines, Books, Music, and Movies through the Propaganda Branch
  11. How the Propaganda Branch Produced Pre-Approved Content for Magazines and Newspapers as Well as Educational Products for Schools
  12. How Free Thought Was Stifled through Limiting What People Could Read or Think
  13. How Foreign Journalists and Writers Were Not Allowed into the Country and People with Cameras or Notepads Would Be Searched by the Police
  14. How the Government Can Delete Anything Found on Cameras Brought into the Country And Sentence Anyone Who Helps Journalists to Death
  15. How the Emergency Provisions Act of 1950 Allowed Government to Sentence Citizens to Seven Years in Prison for Providing Information to Journalists
  16. Panopticon: a Term from George Orwell’s Writing Which Is at the Center of This Form of Surveillance
  17. How Words from George Orwell Like “Room 101” And “Newspeak” Are Represented in This Book
  18. How Methods of Surveillance in This Book Are Used Today in a Country Of Your Choosing
  19. How George Orwell’s Predictions Have Come to Pass by Way of Fear and Control over Communication
  20. How the Country Has Changed With Recent Elections

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