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How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay on Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is an exciting subject to study and a necessity for business majors. In fact, business students wishing to understand the why’s and how’s of modern day marketing needs to learn the ins and outs of consumer behavior first hand. Understanding this need, professors encourage their students to learn beyond their teachings by assigning critical thinking essays.

If your instructor just told you to write one, you may think that this is a challenge you are not up for. Luckily, the following guide details a template for writing critical thinking essays which you can use for any subject, including consumer behavior.

Pre-Writing Stage

Before you even start, you have to pick a topic for your paper. If you have trouble choosing a topic, select one from our list of 20 topics on consumer behavior for a critical thinking essay or be inspired to come up with your own after reading our 13 facts on consumer behavior for a critical thinking essay. Next comes research; look up authoritative sources and carefully read through the best materials on the subject. Finally, outline the main points and analyze the argument presented….

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13 Facts on Consumer Behavior for a Critical Thinking Essay

Studying consumer behavior allows today’s students and tomorrow’s professionals to identify consumers’ needs better, allowing them to become more consumer-oriented and more likely to succeed. This field also helps them ensure their employers’ survival, profitability, and growth in the current competitive marketing environment. It further advances their career as it makes them capable of predicting market trends, adapt to changes in the market, and create and retain consumers.

Realizing the importance of consumer behavior, your instructor may want you to delve head on in this subject. That is why they entrusted you with the task of coming up with a critical thinking essay related to this field. If you are having trouble coming up with a topic for your essay, especially if the deadline is too close for comfort, here are 13 facts that can help you grow more creative….

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Critical Thinking Essay Tips

Writing a critical thinking essay is not the process of criticizing a person, piece of work, concept or opinion. It is rather your individual evaluation or response to a certain issue. For example, before you are to compose a critical thinking essay after reading a book, you will need to conduct a dialogue with the author and give an estimation of his work from your personal point of view. Thus, the critical thinking essay turns into an analytically written assignment and demands not only perfect writing and analysis skills, but critical thinking as well. You will need to express your own thoughts about a work of art, theory, phenomena, etc. and not simply state whether you have liked it or not. In addition, you must provide clear evidence supporting your point-of-view. Besides, it is important not to persuade the audience with your viewpoint. The angle from which you are looking at the topic is subjective, so the reader is free either to reject or accept your point-of-view….

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