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Creative Writing on World Literature

October 21, 2011

It is in the 1660 that is referred to as the date of restoration. This is the period in which the republican experiment that was under Cromwell came to an end. It then gave the British a chance to reinstate the monarchy. On the other hand, restoration in the 18th century poetry in its cultural contexts is a combination of British writings pointed towards about four cultural contexts (David 2007).

Below is a list of elements I could list as being important:

i. Literally warfare

ii. City landscape

iii. Empire

iv. A gendered society

v. Personal voice

The above listed aspects form the base of humanity within any form of society. They are the ones that orient people into their different roles and how they should go about them. For instance, we can talk of gendered society, as being the unit within a society which assigns roles to people through their gender. There are some roles which are seen as being meant for male whereas others are seen as female tasks (David 2007). We can also talk of personal voice, which entails one’s power or expression freedom. …

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