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How to Write a Controversial Essay on Abortion Worldwide

When writing a controversial essay on abortion, you need to make sure the facts and statistics you use are supportive of your main argument. However, any good writer will present both sides to the argument and to do that, you need data from both sides. Before you start your research get some note cards and highlighters ready. These tools will help you to make notes as you go.

Whenever you write something down, no matter how trivial or short it might be, note the corresponding bibliographic information including the page number. This will save you heaps of time later when you are reaching your deadline and trying to put together your reference page.


With a controversial essay, it is imperative that you check the sources you plan to use and evaluate their merit. Do not use unreliable sources….

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12 Facts on Abortion Worldwide for a Controversial Essay

If you are looking for facts on abortion worldwide in order to support your controversial essay, consider the list of items below. These twelve interesting facts cover the entire world and are designed to help you substantiate your claim but not every item is suitable for each essay. Read the list below and see what items you can use:…

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How to Write a Controversial Essay on Human Rights as a Form of Imperialism

February 11, 2016

A controversial essay on human rights as a form of imperialism is really a form of argumentative writing.

The subject of this type of essay has to revolve around an issue which is controversial. This is where the writing assignment gets its name. That said, knowing the fundamentals to argumentative or persuasive style writings will help you to really explore the controversial essay.

Composing Your Thesis Statement

If you are trying to compose your thesis statement you have to first make sure that you have your topic set up. Before you can move into the thesis statement you need a topic. The reason for this is that the thesis statement should function as a stand-alone sentence to describe to your readers the purpose of your entire work. And your purpose is really answering a question or solving the problem. In the case of the argumentative style your goal is to argue that your particular side or viewpoint in something is correct compared to all other alternatives. But in order for that to be true you need to present both sides….

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10 Facts about Human Rights as a Form of Imperialism for Controversial Essay

February 11, 2016

If you need facts for your next paper on human rights as a form of imperialism, look at the ten below:…

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12 Facts on Alfred Russel Wallace vs Charles Darwin for a Controversial Essay

December 2, 2015

If you are tasked with writing a controversial essay on Alfred Russel Wallace versus Charles Darwin, it is important that you include many facts related to the two key figures in support of your claim. Chances are, this type of assignment is one which requires you to address the controversy that exists between the contributions and theories proposed by both men.

In that case, look over the facts below to see if any of them are useful in your next writing assignment:…

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