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Creative Writing Tips for College Students

Writing is an unavoidable task for everyone, be it necessary for college, junior school, or in a working environment. This means that we all should have some writing skills at our finger tips. However, college creative writing in in one way or another, differs from writing in high school. One key feature of college creative essay writing is the use of an argument, which should be set out in a systematic manner. This argument includes a claim, evidence supporting or refuting the claim, and limits to your claim.

To have a paper that is flowing and has depth, the first step should be to choose a topic that one is well informed about, and one that is easy to research. This saves one the agony of running out of material to write about. With a topic at hand, the next step is to plan the paper. This means that you write down your ideas as they come to mind, in order to avoid forgetting any of them….

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