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How to Write a Good Capstone Paper

Sooner or later the time will come for every student to write a capstone paper. Actually, writing is something that students are used to, but there is a little difference between, lets say, a short essay and a capstone paper. Talking about the latter, it should be the most important task for an undergraduate student. So, if you have to write a capstone paper, your teachers will expect you to show good results. They need to know that you have gained enough knowledge and skills to cope with such kind of a task.

A good idea is to look back at everything you have studied this year and try to choose a topic you like and will write about it with enthusiasm. Think of a subject you were especially good at and can use the knowledge you have to write it exceptionally well. You might as well need to consult your teacher to find out whether the topic you have chosen is relevant enough.

Once the topic is chosen, you have to conduct a research work. Use all sources available, but keep in mind that some of them may be unreliable, so you will have to check them well. You may also take notes to see the progress of your research work, and at the same time you can exclude contradictory thoughts or ideas, or irrelevant ones. Plan the structure of your paper and start writing. You should have enough time to write a draft version of a paper, then spend some time on editing, correcting mistakes, and proofreading. Sometimes it is a good idea to read your paper aloud – you will easily notice your mistakes or the parts that need to be rewritten….

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