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How to Write a Business Research Paper

Writing a Business research paper calls for both writing skills as well as specialized knowledge of the given topic, just as with other types of written work. However, because of the nature of, and roles within, the business field, business research papers are different from other academic papers in one or two ways. Firstly, this type of paper relies on a wide variety of models and resources. Further, the purpose of this type of paper is multi-faceted and multi-functional.

A business research paper has various sections that must be completed. The introduction section gives a hint of what the topic is about and includes the thesis statement. This thesis statement details the problem being addressed and how the writer plans to address it. The literature review section outlines the importance of the problem, its history, and previous attempts made to address the issue being discussed. It also includes the current research in relation to the topic. This section enables the writer to demonstrate their research skills and their understanding of the topic being addressed….

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