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Business Proposal Sample

In today’s modern world, people seem to be always on the move engaging themselves in different activities. It is interesting how people are capable of doing the many activities in an easy and coordinated way, thanks to the modern navigation tools like cars. The fact that humans seem to move most of their time covering a considerable number of miles in just a few hours, a situation that was impossible some centuries back, safety during this movement is essential. This is because movement from one place to another makes a considerable part of today’s people.

1. The Mission and Vision
Maka GPS Technologies Pte Ltd saw the need for the removal of driving barriers by introducing a range of quality navigation products to cushion modern transport, logistics and output efficiency. The company’s dedication to quality, high innovation and reputable products in the market serves as the basis for the organization of the company becoming competitive standing out as the preferred brand, Morbella. The high demand for the products and experience the company’s employees got from Singapore are the driving forces behind the need to expand the market coverage to other places like Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia among many others….

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