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Art Essay

Art has always been arises out of previous art, pertinacious survival, and development of traditions. The succession of step from Impressionism, through Cubism, Matisse and Mondrian, up to Abstract Expressionism could be seen as a development of the means and possibilities of painting itself. The Minimal and Conceptual art from the 1970s through to the 1990s. Over these years art become a big revolution.

Conceptual art forms differed from the general background and practices in at least three different areas of art-making activity which were painting, sculpture, and photography. Conceptual art broke with traditional notions and uses various ways and forms, it was no longer necessary for paintings to be primarily coloured, flat, or for sculptures to be upright or have volume. It’s could be words, light, people, air, sound, refuse, multi-media installations and much else besides. In works that were generally receptive to mass-media, then, was not merely a set of art objects for visual delectation and assessment, but also like accumulating ideas that backwash in the larger context of our culture. …

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