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Writing a Solid Opinion Essay on History of Architecture

December 26, 2016

The best way for one to share his or her opinion on any subject matter is through the use of an opinion essay which makes this type of assignments quite fun for students. But it is also important to note that despite the fact you are drafting an opinion essay, there are still certain guidelines and writing procedures one must consider in order to write an excellent essay. This article will attempt to outline some of the more important guidelines you need to consider when writing an opinion essay on the history of architecture.

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Essay on Modernity in Australian Architecture

November 11, 2013

Australian architecture has undergone considerable evolution to reach its current state. The architectural transformations within the country had many underpinning factors. This situation enabled the country to keep abreast with the changing trends across the world, particularly within the European and the American blocks. In view of this background, this paper explores the distinctive elements in Australia’s engagement with Architectural Modernism or high Modernism.

Post-war reflection
The world war one and the great depression influenced the Australian architecture by triggering the need for a new mindset for demonstrating regeneration and growth within the country. The journey of modernization forced past traditions to give way to new styles and trends (Modern Australian Architecture, Through this, modernization promoted evolution of architecture based on the availability of technologies, new materials, as well as ideals (Howells & Nicholson 121). This opened up new possibilities and methods of achieving building and planning. …

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Architectural Appreciation

January 31, 2008

Visual art has the power to fascinate any observer that is open to appreciating its manifestation and discerning the hard work that went into its creation. The purpose of this essay is to describe a visit to the Getty Center, which is located in Brentwood, California, and to explain how the visit left the observer with a deeper appreciation for architecture.

A few years ago, the observer encountered the external visual experience that encompassed the outer walls of the Getty Center. Whereas the typical visitor would be prompted to enter the building upon arrival in order to discover its content, that was not the initial reaction of the viewer. This particular spectator was instead captivated by the overall design of the exterior of the building. The outline of the building in question was so interesting that it provoked an otherwise architecturally nonobservant individual to take a deeper look….

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