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Antigone Essay

The main characters of all Greek dramas are usually alike in some ways and different in others. Medeс, by Euripides and Antigone by Sophocles are Greek dramas, and so the characters, Antigone and Medeс also have similarities as well as differences. By comparing and contrasting these two characters, we gain more knowledge about their motives and ambitions, and as a result, we can more easily understand their behaviors. By doing so, we also obtain a better insight concerning what basis each one comes from. Although the goals, irrational behaviors and personalities of Medeс and Antigone are what make them alike, their motivations, actions and destinies are what separate them.

Antigone’s goal is to obtain justice for her brother, but since she is stubborn and irrational, she cannot fully complete her purpose. Antigone is a loving person, who’s objective is justice for both of her brothers. She is someone very fond of the meaning of family and she doesn’t …

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