20 Topics on Cost & Management Accounting Reporting System for an Analytical Essay

If you are looking for some example topics to write your analytical essay on cost and management accounting reporting systems, consider these twenty great topics below:

  1. The Layout of Primary Accounting Statements Including Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Sheets: Why They Are Necessary
  2. The Link between Primary Statements and Trial Balance
  3. Reasons Why Adjustments Are Made Including Bad Debt, Depreciation, Accruals, and Prepayments
  4. The Difference between Partnership Businesses, Sole Traders, and Limited Companies
  5. The Need for Accounting Principles Which Allow for Reliability, Comparability, Relevance, and Understanding in Accounting Details
  6. How Various Accounting Concepts Relate to Aspects of Accounting Management
  7. The Lifecycle for Fixed Assets from Their Acquisition to Their Disposal, as well as the Depreciation therein
  8. Treatment for Revenue and Capital Expenditure as well ws the Differences between Them
  9. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Share and Loan Capital
  10. The Components to Share Capital and How to Make Accounting Entries for Returns on Capital
  11. How to Dissect Financial Statements and Reach Conclusions about the Financial Situation of an Individual Organization
  12. How Accounting Ratios React to Different Transactions
  13. Why Business Relies upon Accounting Budgets
  14. How to Prepare Cash Budgets While Appreciating Business Benefits and Limitations within the Company Forecast
  15. Why Rising Finance is Imperative to Business Success and How Businesses Raise Finance
  16. How to Recalculate Goodwill for the Retirement and Admission of New Partners
  17. How Tools Can Be Used by Accounting Management to Identify Missing Figures
  18. How to Prepare Balance Sheets and Trading Profit and Loss Based on Incomplete Business Records
  19. How Accounts for Partnerships Differ between Sole Traders, Partnerships, and Limited Companies
  20. How to Remove Partners and Add New Partners to Accounts

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12 Facts on Cost & Management Accounting Reporting Systems for an Analytical Essay

If you need some facts to use in your next writing assignment on cost and management accounting reporting systems, consider the twelve facts below:

  1. Managerial accounting caters for the requirements of managers to internal reporting and related decision-making. Managers have to plan, organize and control the matters of entity. For this, managerial accounting helps the managers to come to sound business decisions. Management may have their own way dealing with matters internally, but GAAP requirements are to be followed. There is, however, a choice to account for a certain event. For example, either product development cost can be capitalized or it can be deduced from income. Once a choice has been made, it should be the basis of decision for any future reference.
  2. Well-established information system is needed in case of both financial as well as managerial accounting. Information technology has changed the working methodologies for business entities. Nowadays, accountant’s work is beyond the common book-keeping principles. The quality information system plays a key role in that regard.
  3. Accounting data is not always absolute in nature. There are certain judgment to be done while reporting any event. Certain accounting treatments require of you to make judgments which are important for business. Along with judgments, estimations are also a part and parcel of the working. Many limitations are there in connection to the estimation of certain event or transaction. Present values of future incomes are calculated to estimate the current financial position of the entity. Provisions require estimations of the cost to be included in expenses and what amount to be charged or written off. Making estimates is a routine activity in connection to financial reporting.
  4. Two cost methods, historical and fair value are used alternatively. Value of land does not fluctuate much according to accounting estimates, so it follows a historical cost method. In this method, cost related to an event or transaction done in the past. The purchase price of land is accounted for in the financial information of the company.
  5. A fair value cost method is also applied by entities. Assets are reported in the financial statements at a price which they can fetch in the open market. Valuations are made at regular intervals to come to a standard price prevalent in the open market. The fair market is the price that can be fetched in the open market in the transaction between parties that are not related. Fair value is best suited to assets whose price fluctuates on a regular basis.
  6. There is no set rule as to the usage of either historical or fair value cost method. Standards provide for illustrations that should be looked into. Best accounting practices are those that are coherent with accounting standards and apply standards prudently. It also depends on the nature of certain events to decide which cost method to go for.
  7. An accountant has to deal with many complex issues. Relevance related to the fair value cost method and reliability factor of historical cost method is to be traded off. Choice has to be made between the two keeping in mind the standards and normal business practices. An accountant has to be skilled enough to decide on the correct valuation method.
  8. The job of an accountant is not restricted to a set pattern of methodology. Many areas of specialty are there. Accountants that prefer public accounting provide tax and consultancy services. These services have to be licensed. In the US, each state issues a license to individuals known as CPA, Certified Chartered Accountant. Auditing is the examination of accounts of companies and investigating whether the accounts are in coherence with the rules and regulations set by standards. An auditor concerned with the accounts of a company prepares independent and appropriate report. Tax services provided by an accountant include filling of returns and legal provisions related thereof. Consultancy services do not have a set work plan as these vary according to the requirements of the client.
  9. Many accountants enjoy private employment in various industries. Various profit and non-profit entities require services of accountants dealing with certain areas of expertise. Accountants hold areas related to costing, budgeting, investment and pricing. Internal auditors are given the responsibility of internal controls, and they work according to the policies defined by managers. These auditors check for relevancy of every account and are responsible for internal controls. Such auditors can enjoy the occupation of tax accountants, managers etc.
  10. Many accountants work in public sector as well. They serve in public departments in the area of their expertise. Government offices such as SECP, FBI, Internal Revenue Offices and many more take the services of professional accountants.
  11. Financial information has to be accurate owing to the fact that investors and creditors make decisions to grant loans by looking at the financial information. Reliability and accurateness of financial reports, which forms the basis of ethics of accounting and reporting, are important. Financial reports should depict true and fair view of the scenario and proceedings of the business. Certain code of ethics is to be followed by auditors for both internal and external auditors. Such ethics is to be followed during the process of audit. People intending to pursue the field of accountancy should be able to apply ethics, code of manner and integrity. Accountants are respected, and they are expected to prepare financial reports in accordance with the set rules and procedure defined by accounting bodies.
  12. Managers have a key role towards the development of the business. They keep an eye on financial information that helps them to make conclusive decisions. Investors are interested to know the dividends, which are, of course, the appropriation and distribution of profits. Shareholders are entitled to dividends, which are mostly declared annually. Creditors look at the financial position of the entity before granting loan. This is to satisfy themselves if the entity would be able to repay the loan or not. This is done by considering the entity’s position in the short run by means of estimation. Analysts, on the other hand, use financial data to make crucial financial decisions. Employees also check the financial information of the company, so that they can have a peace of mind in connection to their job, as profitable company or business can make the career grow. Tax departments need to have access to accurate financial information so that they can tax the company or business accordingly. Financial information caters the requirements of all parties that have an interest in the business.

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How to Write a Cause Effect Essay on “Living Downstream” by Sandra Steingraber

Cause and effect essays are typically written from one perspective or the other, meaning you would write about a cause or an effect. The reason you are not often asked to write about both is that your space may be limited, and the topic may be broad. However, there are some cases where a teacher might grant you permission to write about both, or it is fitting to your topic to cover both in one essay.


If you are writing about both, the obvious organizational choice is to cover the causes of your topic in the first half of your paper, followed by the effects of your topic in the second (for the suitable topic check out our list of ideas on “Living Downstream”)….

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20 Topics on “Living Downstream” by Sandra Steingraber for a Cause Effect Essay

If you are tasked with writing a cause and/or effect essay on the book “Living Downstream” written by Sandra Steingraber, then chances are you are facing the most challenging part of the writing process: selecting your topic. Picking the perfect topic can be difficult, at best, especially when you consider how many great topics there are in relation to this book. Thus, below you will find twenty topics that might be beneficial for you, or useful for your next assignment.

Remember that these are only meant as a guide and may not be specifically applicable to your assignment:…

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12 Facts on “Living Downstream” by Sandra Steingraber for a Cause Effect Essay

If you are tasked with writing a cause or effect essay on the book “Living Downstream” there are many potential topics from which to choose. Of course, no matter the topic you have selected, it is imperative that you back up any statement or claim you make with facts. In order to help you in that regard, below you will find a handful of facts which might prove useful in the course of your writing….

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How to Write a Definition Essay on the Biocultural Approach to the Climate Change

If you are tasked with writing a definition essay on the biocultural approach to the climate change, your goal is to use the aforementioned topic and its contents in support of a unique definition of one word of your choosing (don’t forget to look at the suggested topics on the biocultural approach to the climate change). The word can be an abstract, broadly sweeping concept which you define based on the writings or book you have studied in class.

For example: you might want to define “sustainability”. This word is one which you are likely to come across in your readings multiple times, but is something tangentially related to the topic of climate change. When studying the climate change and its impact, you might reflect upon sustainable options for improvement in different biocultural areas, or how people can incorporate sustainable growth which mitigates the negative impact of climate change. But with that, your goal is to focus your entire essay on defining that single word in a unique fashion.

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20 Topics on the Biocultural Approach to the Climate Change for a Definition Essay

Writing a definition essay is a creative writing assignment which requires you to take a key concept from your studies and narrow down a single word which you can then define based on support from the text you are reviewing and other texts. That being said, from the topics below you will need to derive a single word which can be better defined with the topic, or vice versa. For example: if you take the first topic, you would want to better define what that is based on one word or define the concept of human impact on the environment within the context of a conventional conservation approach using key supportive data from reputable sources (to do this you can use our facts on the biocultural approach to the climate change). This can be a bit tricky which is why it is important for you to review your requirements and the topics carefully.

The topics listed above are only meant as a guide and it can be difficult to review useful topics that can be used for a definition essay, since the definition essay itself is likely going to cover just one word. That being said, below is an example essay on one of the topics above….

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10 Facts on the Biocultural Approach to the Climate Change for a Definition Essay

A definition essay is a creative piece of writing, which asks each student to come up with a single word and define it through the lens of the content in whatever piece of writing was assigned. In this case, with a focus on biocultural approaches, a student would need to pick a single word that might relate directly or tangentially to the topic and from there, define it based on content derived from the book. This requires students to look at a single topic within a larger topic, and from there find a single word that can be defined based on the context of the piece. That being said, finding facts to support your definition can be challenging, and above all else you want to find facts which help you best to make the definition you have selected a viable one.

Below you will find a list of facts that can be used to support your definition essay, assuming the word which you are defining is one which can use the information provided….

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How to Write an Exploratory Essay on the Nacirema Culture

Exploratory essays are a unique piece of academic writing because, as the name suggests, you are meant to explore new territory (academically speaking), examine a problem and find new ways to solve it. In that sense, your goal is to explore a unique aspect of something that you can improve upon or solve. Some points to remember:

  1. Your essay should really focus on a question or a problem, and not so much on a key idea.
  2. Your essay should analyze multiple solutions to the problem during your writing and in doing so, indicate the strong and weak points to each potential solution before concluding as to which one is best.
  3. Your essay should also be written in the form of an impromptu paper or a retrospective paper. The retrospective one is smoother but the impromptu one appears more natural.

This type of writing is a way for students to learn more about a concept on their own, something which juxtaposes having a teacher try and explain the topic in class. This is a chance for students to learn in a new and exciting way, in a way where they have complete control over the learning method and the content which is covered. Students are also forced to find active solutions….

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20 Topics on the Nacirema Culture for an Exploratory Essay

When you are looking for some top notch topics appropriate for your next exploratory paper, there are many ideas which are viable candidates. But the list is so comprehensive, in fact, that it can seem overwhelming for students trying to narrow down a single topic.

That said, below is a list of 20 great exploratory essay topics which might be of use to you in your paper:…

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