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7 Magic Ingredients for an Outstanding Annotated Bibliography: Turabian Style Unspelled

Annotated Bibliography: Turabian Style

Know what is interesting? There is no information (at least on the Internet) on account of when the first annotated bibliography was written, who the founder was or which research originally contained this list of described sources. Maybe the assignment looked completely different when professors tasked students with an annotated bibliography, say, in the 1960s, but we’ll never know unless there is some citation enthusiast who plans to dig into the history of this referencing type (a good idea for your next research, isn’t it?).

Returning to the present times, it is necessary to point out that there is more or less set structure of annotated bibliography, especially in the Turabian style, which consists of 7 elements:…

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Annotated Bibliography in Chicago Style for New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers

Annotated Bibliography in Chicago Style

If you have never heard of the annotated bibliography, it means that you are either a high schooler or a freshman who hasn’t received real academic assignments yet because this task is like combat debut that sinks into the memory at least for the whole period of studies at college … Just kidding ☺ It’s not that difficult if you figure out how it works.

Annotated bibliography is the list of sources with short descriptions. Why is it a useful assignment for you personally? Because you:…

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Iowa December – January Museum Tour Even Freshmen Will Enjoy

Museums are primarily educational institutions. Through many years, they have been clichéd to be boring because people perceive them as entertaining facilities (which they are not). And with the winter coming closer, you may want to consider some alternatives to walks and late outdoor evening. So, why not get your friends and visit some interesting exhibitions? Who knows, maybe apart from having a great time you will learn some useful information that will not only make you a more intelligent person but also help your college studies! Your impression from visiting a museum depends much on your expectations, and if you build up the right “looking forward,” you might spend time with use and pleasure….

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5 Reasons to Visit the Unique Holiday Thieves’ Market in Iowa City

The holidays are coming and days are becoming less and less productive. You think about Christmas, presents and what you’re going to do during your time free of studies, and this feeling of excitement is just too much – it doesn’t let you concentrate on end-of-the-semester assignments so important for your overall academic progress….

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The Most Intriguing Literary Events in a UNESCO City of Literature Starting in 2018

The City of Literature is a global program created by UNESCO in 2004 as a part of initiative. It is designed to strengthen the collaboration and promote the connection between cities that pay the tribute to the role that literature played in their urban growth.

There are certain criteria that communities must meet to become the City of Literature. Iowa City joined the program in 2008 undoubtedly satisfying all those criteria as its writing, and literary legacy is just too big to ignore. Firstly, Iowa City was one of the first places where creative writing was taught at the university level. Secondly, the town has numerous literary, educational institutions recognized not only by the USA but by the whole world. They explore advanced ways of teaching, support newly-minted as well as established writers and contribute to the global study of literature itself. All these factors taken together make Iowa City a unique place for authors and literary lovers. So, no wonder it is recognized by UNESCO as well….

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Top 7+ Activities for Students at Iowa City Holiday Market on Dec, 9

You may be surprised, but the culture of organizing holiday markets right before Christmas is not that American. It actually came from Germany, like bratwurst and hot mulled wine that you love so much. Holiday markets are usually accompanied by different events and concerts that add up to your Christmas spirit and the urge to buy presents for your family and friends. The truth is that you just can’t leave out such an experience because, otherwise, your holiday will not be complete. But don’t worry, Iowa City has taken care of that and will make sure you won’t miss a thing….

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Iowa City 10 Alternatives to Starbucks to Get Loaded with Caffeine and Study

Have you ever made out why coffee reduces your sleepiness? The reason of this effect lies in the nature of caffeine – it is similar in the structure to our brain neurotransmitter. It is called adenosine and is responsible for relaxation of central nervous system activity. Due to the resemblance, caffeine can temporarily replace adenosine and block this relaxation. In such a way, coffee reduces sleepiness and drowsiness for some time….

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Top 8 Ann Arbor Winter Activities and Events Every Student Can Afford

If you hear the phrase “The winter is coming!” and think about severe frosts, white walkers and dying Jon Show, you’ve gone a little overboard with Game of Thrones binge-watching. Winter means fun, especially in such a small and snug town like Ann Arbor. It doesn’t “scatter” its holiday spirit in all the commercializing – Ann Arbor is the place where you’ll smell and feel the crispy, family-like Christmas atmosphere that you miss so much during your regular student days. That is really the time you can abstract yourself from studies and enjoy yourself, even more so with numerous winter activities popular in Ann Arbor (and affordable for broke college youth like yourself). So, let’s check out what you can do to benefit from the cold season to the maximum!…

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Ann Arbor Roadmap for Avid Readers and Printed Books Lovers

In 2016 the number of purchased fell by 17%, and this year the demand for electronic readings as well as devices only continue to drop. It means that the hype for screen pages that can be turned with a swipe of a finger is decreasing every day, while the good old craving for a physical touch with a hardcover and paper is here to establish its superiority again.

We bet that you already have a picture in your head where you take a book, flick through the pages and feel its unique smell.  We’re totally with you right now! But if it appears that you have only the “soulless” e-reader and can’t enjoy all the charms of the real book, don’t fret – we have several perfect spots in Ann Arbor for you to get a printed novel or poem, and find your Zen….

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Ann Arbor Best Running and Biking Trails for Active Students

Ann Arbor can boast about some big advances:

  • It has one of the most prestigious colleges in the northern USA, the University of Michigan;
  • It has an opportune environment for young specialists, as many companies are drawn to Ann Arbor because of the university research and competent grads;
  • branded Ann Arbor as one of the best college sports towns in the USA no doubt because of its killer teams like the Wolverines and others.

Taking into account the last fact, it’s no wonder that Ann Arbor attracts students who can’t live without sport. But apart from great sports facilities and opportunities in colleges, the city also has a lot to offer to non-professional athletes who just like to keep fit. Thanks to its small size and little traffic, Ann Arbor allows locals to enjoy numerous sidewalks and really beautiful area. If you’re an avid runner or biker and want to check out Ann Arbor’s cool trails, here is a list of places you just can’t miss!…

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