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The Apostles Creed

The Apostles’ Creed is an affirmation of things which are mainly held among Christians, and which are undoubtedly founded upon the contents of the Holy Scripture. I have rehearsed, cited, and prayed this creed from my childhood and whenever I repeat the creed I assert that I accept and approve of all the statements that it covers. I do not merely give a mental consent to the facts articulated in the creed because the scripture makes it clear that Faith without works is dead. (John H. 60). My belief depends on the facts found in the scripture, and also on my personal experience of salvation. I know I have been born again spiritually; my faith rests on the spiritual encounter with God as interpreted by scripture, not merely on an intellectual assent to the scriptures and doctrines expressed by the Apostles’ Creed….

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Free and Fair Elections

Election is the process by which members in a given community or nation choose there leaders in democratic society, therefore such kind of an election should be free and fair to ensure that the leaders era acceptable to all members of the society therefore an election should give basic freedom to citizens in order to have full participation in the elector process example people should be around to join a political party of there choice without fear of intimidation, they should have access to political and elector information through civic education they should also have the right to vote secretly without coition or vote buying.

Therefore fair elections must have a process which is impartial and satisfies the basic in the national standards. However, it within the process of free and fair elections that citizen express there will through the elected representatives, hence such leaders are expected to elected in a free and fair elections and can only to removed from the office through the same process, therefore a person who intimidates, corrupt and threatens the citizens before or after election becomes an enemy of democracy….

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Family Formation, Birth Cohort and Gender Role

When one deliberates over the changes occurring in demographic trends, it is intriguing to grasp that it is invariably the fairer sex that seizes attention. This is probably because women nowadays are on the move the world over, so it is easy to turn all spotlights on their direction and blame them for any deviance that occurs in the process of family formation. Sociology of family delves on these issues, while recognizing that in the present day world both sexes have to act as ‘protagonists’ in the realm of household. Though the nature of ‘family’ has undergone a drastic makeover since its very inception, one’s ideas about it remain seeped in tradition and past. It is this irony that I will explore in this essay….

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Global Business Management

Global business management can be defined as the interaction of people from different cultures, societies, and various backgrounds in undertaking various business activities with the aim of achieving their goals for example earning profits from their investments. Because of invention of advanced technology the world has increasingly become a village and as a result global business is the modern form of business in this 21st century. Because of globalization there have been great disregard to national borders, governments have lower hand in controlling the flow of their economies and MNC’s are now not restricted to only one particular country as it was before.

The reality and existence of globalization can be witnessed when patterns of trade are considered, for example the general level of imports and exports in several countries have magnificently increased over the past few years. Also globalization have led to significant increase in production of business services for example firms dealing with Just-in-Time (JIT) ideas have led to customers getting information .e.g. of accounting and auditing conveniently. Also due to globalization financial systems organizations have now been integrated and they work as one unit thus enhancing the chances of conducting business globally for example through the use of Credit Cards and the existence of flexible exchange control systems in many countries….

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Accounting Informational Systems

Just several years before, people, whose work consisted in conducting the financial account of organization, were engaged in much more tedious work than now. Now, these workers are helped by machines – computers, the computer programs are specially created for the conducting of such kind of work. Some people can say that before also existed such «machines», but do you remember how much nerves it cost for you just to reprint this miserable payment because of casual jamming of the keys?! Before, work which was conducting during the whole day by several workers, computer makes immediately, you just need to enter information and all is done. So what does it mean actually “It is the golden age for small and middle-size business”? It means that for the conducting of business, businessmen don’t necessary need to hire a lot of skilled employees, they can simply purchase good computer with specialized, for their type of business software. In this way owners of the business will save money (decreasing amount of money spending on salaries and production) and produce more free time in oder to do something else for earning more money….

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Law Essays

Law essay assignments usually concern the discussion of the people rights and justice system. To write a successful law essay you will need to apply a lot of theory and knowledge. You cannot discuss law without knowing actual rules and regulations. Sometimes you can debate one or another issue, express your point of view, but in most cases in order to write a good argumentation you will need to have specific evidences. Sometimes your essay task will be to research some topic. For this purposes you can do two types of research: quantitative research, which relies numerical data, and qualitative research, which relies on field observations.

Quantitative research in the law essay :

  • Numerical data used to establish the truth about human behavior.
  • Data collected during laboratory experiments or other controlled conditions, or through surveys, questionnaires, and the like.
  • Data measured and analyzed to discover nonrandom relationships among variables.

For example

A legal study of the reformation of ethical law practices. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between increases in welfare benefits and occurrence of criminal offenders on the street?

  • Researcher is careful not to interfere in ways that might bias results (non-participative).
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Art Essays

When you are writing an art essay, you observe closely different art products such as paintings, sculptures, dramas, and symphonies in order to understand them, respond in your essay, and relate individual texts to each other and to your objects under discussion. Art itself is a very complicated term. To be sure that the subject of your art essay is an artwork, consider these 9 criteria of artistic product:

  • There should be an artist (or more than one)
  • There should be the process during which an artist shows his craftsmanship, talent, genius
  • Before the process has started there should be inspiration. After the process started – devotion with heart, head, and soul
  • There should be a basic reality known to the world or not known, outward or inward, realistic or fatalistic, of which the final product forms a true copy of this basis reality (or immediate reflection)
  • The final product, which is generally perceived as original, unique or new and therefore attractive and compelling
  • The final product, which stands the passing of the time and taste
  • The final product, which appears to the most sincere personal feelings of observer
  • The final product, which enriches the observer with new personal feelings and thoughts
  • The final product, which ultimately appeals to the philosophical nature of the observer as a human being

In art essay assignments teachers will require you to become an intelligent observer and art-critic. In order to succeed in writing good essay you should know the art elements, principles of design, and present you thoughts logically and in a coherent way. Ask yourself the following questions when you are writing your essay and do your best to answer them.

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Humanities Essays

In humanities essay you will ask in distinctive ways such questions as these: Who are we? What are our responsibilities to ourselves and to others? What is a good life? In what relation do we stand to the past? What do we owe future generations? You will try to answer these difficult questions, think about them, analyze possible variations, and write them down in a structured, logical, and meaningful way. Still, the questions remain largely the same. In the humanities essay, you are united by questions more than by answers. You will also need to interpret documents that already exist. It falls to the humanities to “comment on and appraise” texts, based on a faith that as we study the important artifacts of culture we grow more aware of who we are and what we have done. Humanities branch consists of such disciplines as history, philosophy, religion, literature, and the fine arts (music, art, and drama).

As a student you will write for many purposes your humanities essay assignments, two of which are to inform and to express. Expressive essay writing often begins as a personal response to an individual text. When you start to think about your sources for the analysis, ask yourself such questions like the following, they can help you to clear your reactions:

  • What do I feel when reading this material?
  • Why do I feel this way?
  • How am I changed or how could I imagine myself changing in response to this text?
  • Why is this material important to my essay topic?

Much of what is best about informative and persuasive essay writing in the humanities begins as a personal response. Practice the habit of analyzing the text even if it is not relevant to your classes. You will find it much easier to write your humanities essay in the future.

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Literature Essays

Successful literature essay focuses on an imaginative work and discuss how certain passages are related to your interpretation.

Literature is related to the humanities disciplines that are considered to be text-centered disciplines. In literature courses, your texts will be imaginative works: poems, plays, novels, and films. As a student of literature, you may compare and contrast works of the same author, responding to assignments, at least in part, informative. During your education you will complete different types of essay assignments that will vary not only by topic but also by the essay structure. There are several types of structures that you will use in your essays depending on the purpose.

Making Arguments

The purpose of making arguments in literature is to interpret texts and to defend interpretations as reasonable. No one will expect your arguments to end all discussion of a question but your arguments definitely should be convincing and well supported. The goal of an argument in the literature is reached when you understand the point of view of the author in full. You should therefore not expect to read—or write — a single, correct interpretation of a play. Instead, you should interpret the text and argue your point of view. One interpretation, argued well, can be clearly superior to and more compelling than another. It is an everlasting cycle because students of literature pose different questions and examine texts using different methods producing different interpretations, opinions, and arguments….

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Techy Issues of Demand

The theory of economics is based on the result of human actions in the market system. The main features of economics principles are deeply rooted in its formality and that is constrained by the number of assumptions or economic thinking which forces the business world to see and interpret the economy of any organization in a certain way.

The relationship between the product price and its demand is what is called the demand curve. As the price gets on the higher side, the demand of a particular product will be decreased. In other word, demand refers to how much quantity of a particular product is needed by the people and that demanded quantity of the product will specify the price of that specific product people willing to buy. The quantity demanded will represent how much the market can offer, so the price fluctuates with the demand of the particular product.

The most difficult implication in implementing the law of demand is to understand the maximization of equilibrium between demand and supply. The equilibrium can be defined as a situation where no one is willing to change his behavior. And if the price is set too high then there will be minimum buyers but excess supply. And because most of the movie theatre over head expenses are dependent on how many people show up. So much increased price will cause adverse effects because the most important factor of elasticity of demand is how much the demanded quantity will be affected by the price change. For example, 2 % increase in the theatre tickets will result in a 1 percent decrease in the quantity demanded.

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