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“Truth” is More Important during Periods of Change and Uncertainty than “Good News.”

It is widely believed that one can fool anybody for all time, one can fool everybody for a short time but it is impossible to fool everybody for all time. This is the focal point of the above statement. I believe that an organization is a long termed project and not just a sort termed profit making scam. To attain success in the long term and attain success an organization must look into issues that would help the organization in the long term. One such issue is to maintain sustainability over a long period of time and to attain sustainability the most important variable related to an organization is Trust with a capital T. It is this trust that helps an organization to be fruitful and develop. By using the word ‘trust’ it is not meant to be applicable to any specific firm or individual. It is not only applicable towards clients and suppliers but it is relevant to everybody associated with the company or organization….

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American Foreign Policy and Pan-Arabism from 1950 to 1961

The way leading to Arab-Israeli tension was very complicated. It was the outcome of the’ old ’empires’ decline and the promotion of others. Trying to rephrase the idea of Bruce Robelett Konilholm in his work “The origins of the Cold War in the Near East”, I could say that the struggle for power in the Arab World as an important forefront in the region, was a contributing factor to the development of the Cold War, since the region’s components are bound to each other by physical and abstract realities. I argue that the spiral of conflicting policies between the great powers towards countries of the Northern Tier (1) and Baghdad Pacts (2), as well to others such as Egypt, contributed to the formation of fundamentally confrontational rapport between the United States and the Soviet Union, a rapport outlined in the terms “Cold War”.

Examining it from the post-war great powers’ point of views, Bruce Kunilholm further shows that this very rapport put an end to the historical rivalries between Britain and Russia over the region and opened the way to new kind of conflicts, their actors are an ideological foundation called the Soviet Union versus the insatiable United States….

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Historical Reasoning – Philosophy

In his extensive analysis of the history of China (spanning the twelfth century to the mid twentieth), China Transformed: Historical Change and the Limits of European Experience, Chinese historian Roy Bin Wong thoughtfully crafts a non-Eurocentric framework for analyzing developments in the country. This is in stark contrast with the majority of historians who still attempt to place the Industrial Revolution in a European context from which the progress (or lack of expected progress) of all other countries must be judged. In fact, Wong proposes that what occurred in China cannot be described as a revolution but was merely the continuity of pre-industrial change. Whereas most historians try to define Chinese history by a comparison of it with European history, Wong takes the opposite side and attempts to show what European historians can learn from an objective study of Chinese history. Wong’s work could accurately be described as a hermeneutic story rather than a simple narrative….

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Electronic Commerce and Focus on Core

Many factors contribute to a company’s success or failure. Company is defined by more than just its product or service. An effective organisation has much strength in its favour to remain competitive. Factors such as: flexibility, creativity, openness to use of technology and innovations, a balance between core and context, communication across the organisation and talented employees are a must for competitive advantage (Wignaraja 2004). It is an organisation’s ability to adjust to changing times that creates a foundation for the public to admire. Integrity is crucial. Upholding the company’s value system and word to the public remains a key facet for success. Building any strategy or campaign on this premise presents the best possible and true corporate image to the public and allows for a great amount of trust to form. This paper will explore the notion that an organisation has greater ability to focus on the core when it utilises available technologies and resources to handle its context. This may mean outsourcing some of their processes in order to gain greater optimisation. First, the organisation must have the ability to value technology and innovation. Today’s telecommunication is a triumph for human ingenuity and spontaneous order. In some parts it embodies leading edge technology like Asynchronous Transfer Mode but really it is the use of new technologies combined with older ones that makes the Internet so fascinating and vital to business. Specifically the Internet ends distance limitations and it empowers individuals in important new ways to create new enterprise (Gasman 2005, p. 2). The Internet is relatively vast in its freedom. Unlike the traditional telephone, the Internet is not charged by the mile or any distance. This brings people together….

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Egoistic Part of the Altruistic Whole

The internal condition of every person is strongly influenced by the environment he/she lives in. People, events, customs, beliefs are the important factors that formulate our essence. In the modern world life is usually perceived as a battle, where everyone stands for himself, each one is individualistic, separated from another. Thus, it’s not surprising that we can recognize the flourishing of egoism, a feature, which is generated by this separation.

On the one hand, being individualistic is quite important and even necessary. This lets a person ‘keep one’s head above water’ and get a steady position in life. Seeking maximum personal benefit is not so terrible, if consider that this is a primary goal of everyone, rooted deeply in history. Very often to achieve the necessary result a person must be exactly egoistic, because those around are the same and in such circumstances the best defense is attack. Besides, being self-centered does not only mean doing harm to others to achieve best for oneself. It implies strong persistence, decisiveness, and courage, seemingly, positive features. The point is how to use them and what are the fruits of such a policy? Of course, satisfaction and pride, but is there a place for self-fulfillment and self-respect?…

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Mental Processes and Behavior

How Can Damage of the Brain in Each of the Following Structures Affect One’s Mental Processes and Behavior?

Research has demonstrated the importance of understanding brain disorders as it affects one’s mental processes and behavior. In particular, studies revealed that brain damage may occur due to a wide range of causes, including illnesses, head injuries, complex chemical imbalances, bacterial diseases, and changes associated with aging. These broad categories of influence can lead to very specific or very generalized affective disorders depending on the region damaged.

The medulla oblongata, usually just called the medulla, contains a number of vital centers for regulating heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure. It also contains the reflex centers for vomiting, coughing, sneezing, hiccoughing, and swallowing (Mader 134). Destruction of the medulla causes instant death (Carlson 302).

The reticular formation receives sensory information by means of various pathways and projects axons to the cerebral cortex, thalamus, and spinal cord. It plays a role in sleep and arousal, attention, muscle tonus, movement, and various vital reflexes (Mader 137). Damage to reticular formation interferes with normal arousal and produces coma by interfering with this mechanism (Carlson 304)….

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U.S. Economic Sanctions

What are the Costs and Benefits of U.S. Economic Sanctions?

Before moving on it’s important to start by defining the meaning of economic sanctions. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines sanctions as penalties that are applied by one or a group of countries on another for various reasons. Sanctions come in the form of tariffs, import or export quotas, trade barriers and import duties.

Economic sanctions rarely work. The US and some other UN countries Trade and investment sanctions against Burma, Iran, cuba, and North Korea have failed to change the behavior of any of those oppressive regimes; sanctions have only made the situation of the very people being helped worse.We should remember that for a country to impose sanctions on another there is always a good reason behind it – usually motivated by political, trade or security differences and concerns. The imposing country/ countries rarely listen or are ready to share the same viewpoint and perspectives as the accused. These hardened stances often lead to a protracted feud that can last years and decades. A good example of this is the US relationship with Cuba. The US has lost many opportunities of winning this Caribbean Island nation over to itself due to this long standing indifference perfected by successive regimes since the 1960s.

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Financial Statements

Financial statements are a source of information for customers, creditors, managers, employees, regulators and other stakeholders of a firm to assess its past and future performance. The quantity of information available from the financial statements can be quite inundating. Financial statement users, therefore, adopt ratio analysis to counter this burden of information overload and get an accurate picture of the firm performance.

Analysis of the financial statements of a company reveals important information to its stakeholders thereby leading them to make inferences about its financial condition and attractiveness as an investment.

This paper will scrutinize the financial statements of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Pakistan‘s largest private bank by assets and market capitalization. MCB is the only financial institution from Pakistan that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. With its 60 year history, MCB has depicted a tremendous growth record and is listed on all stock exchanges in Pakistan with a significant market capitalization (Muslim Commercial Bank Annual Report, 2005). The financial information of MCB, as extracted from its 2005 annual report, provides an insight into the institution’s operations carried out in the year 2004-2005….

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Love as a Powerful Social Tool

Love is the panacea of all evils in the society. My tremendous experience with this idea has taken me to the skies. I feel my self an enriched person with the love, compassion and peace. Nothing makes me worried. I remain in peace with myself and give peace to others. My broader smiles make me acceptable in the times of the day. When night comes over my family looks my way. My spouse seeks me. My boss misses me. My friends cherish my presence in their company. In the way I walk the grim faces bloom up when they have a chance to look at my face.

This does not mean that I am super human and I do not become sad. My sadness is my own property I don’t want to share it with others. I know people need love, compassion and smiles and not the glooms of life. I learnt this lesson from my grandpa who used to laugh play and frolics till the time he lived up to 96 years of life. He used to tell us that love and compassion keeps us healthy. It gives us positive energy, a moral fortitude to fight anger and worries and a happy person lives on and on….

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The War on Terror

A “War on Terror” is a difficult thing to define, due partly to its vagueness and its unsparing use as a rhetorical device to justify any military action perpetrated by the U.S post-9/11. If it had to be defined in the way it seems to have been intended, it could be as a set of actions aimed – or purported to be aimed – at eliminating or reducing terrorism in the world. The word ‘terrorism’ is generally defined as “the deliberate creation and exploitation of fear through violence or its threat.”

To understand whether the War on Terror is deterrence or compellence or neither there has to be a stipulated definition of deterrence and compellence. Deterrence is the threat of force made by an actor with the aim of preventing an adversary from engaging in a particular course of action; whereas compellence is the threat of force made by an actor with the aim of compelling an adversary to undo something already done or begin a particular course of action .

Is the War on Terror Deterrence or Compellence?
The War on Terror has some characteristics that resemble deterrence. One of them is the adversary’s desire to engage in an undesirable (to those who wish to deter) action. However, since both sides present a very different picture of reality, of their own intrinsic goodness and the other’s intrinsic badness, it is almost impossible to determine with certainty whether the adversary does in fact intend to do what copious propaganda efforts attempt to convince people that they do; making it epistemically safer to judge whether one side perceives the other as being about to engage in the feared action, rather than whether they are ‘objectively’ about to engage in that action. An important adversary in this case is al Qaeda, and the U.S has shown its belief in al Qaeda’s intent to execute the undesirable actions (terrorism), and has done much to emphasize this intent:
“… we’re engaged in a global war against an enemy that threatens all civilized nations.” “Our enemies have openly declared that they are seeking weapons of mass destruction, and evidence indicates that they are doing so with determination.”

“Through this strategy, al Qaeda and its allies intend to create numerous, decentralized operating bases across the world, from which they can plan new attacks, and advance their vision of a unified, totalitarian Islamic state that can confront and eventually destroy the free world.” “The Iranian regime and its terrorist proxies have demonstrated their willingness to kill Americans…” (emphases mine)…

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