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20 Topics for an Opinion Essay on the History of Architecture

It is a known fact that the content of an essay is determined by the subject matter to be discussed but its structure relies heavily on the topic you choose. Therefore, when writing an opinion essay, the first step to shaping your opinion and that of the reader starts with selecting a topic that wakes up the urge to learn in the reader.

Writing on the history of architecture is a task that can be simplified if a topic that truly interests the reader is chosen. This article will attempt to provide you with some topics on the history of architecture which will serve as a portal into learning more about ancient cultures and their influences on the architecture of their time….

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Writing a Solid Opinion Essay on History of Architecture

The best way for one to share his or her opinion on any subject matter is through the use of an opinion essay which makes this type of assignments quite fun for students. But it is also important to note that despite the fact you are drafting an opinion essay, there are still certain guidelines and writing procedures one must consider in order to write an excellent essay. This article will attempt to outline some of the more important guidelines you need to consider when writing an opinion essay on the history of architecture.

Step 1:

Select an Essay Writing Format

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How to Write a CCOT Essay on Chemistry Research

Welcome to our third and final guide where we explain how to write a CCOT essay on chemistry research, so you can write an excellent and concise essay that would redeem your hard work and efforts as well as gaining the admiration of your professor.

Previously, we discussed 10 facts for a CCOT essay on chemistry research and then revealed 20 chemistry research topics for an essay paper which is a must read, otherwise, you won’t be gaining full benefit from this set of guides.

Let’s get started:

What is a CCOT Essay?

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20 Chemistry Research Topics for a CCOT Essay

Welcome to our second guide where you are provided with 20 chemistry research topics for a CCOT essay to help you write effortlessly, without muddying up your mind or spending hours researching worthwhile topics for your the subject matter.

If you haven’t read the first guide, 10 facts for a CCOT essay on chemistry research, we recommend you check it out before proceeding further since it has a lot of credible information and facts related to Chemistry Research, which will help enhance the context of your essay. Reading those facts will save you many hours of research as we’ve included references along with our first and second guide.

In addition to the topics, we have also included a CCOT sample essay at the end based on one of the 20 topics, to give you a clear understanding of how an essay is written on Chemistry Research.

Before we start, we just want to let you know that our final and most important guide, how to write a CCOT essay on chemistry research, is crucial to the entire essay writing process as it explains everything from what a CCOT essay is to how it’s written.

Without further ado, here are 20 relevant topics we’ve collected for you:

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10 Facts on a Cause and Effect Essay on Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary biology is a sub-branch of biology which studies the diversity of life’s origins and how it all started on Earth. If you are writing a cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology then you will eventually need some assistance to ensure that it stands out in every way.

This is our first guide, 10 facts on a cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology, where you are provided with facts and figures collected from credible sources. These facts will help you build a firm foundation, in case you don’t know much about evolutionary biology. It would also help you write a superb cause and effect essay on the subject without getting too caught up in the writing process alone.

In our second guide, we provide 20 topics on a cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology so you can start writing an essay on any particular topic you like. These topics will give you a fair idea so as to what you should write about and saves a lot of time because most students don’t know where to start. We’ve also included a sample at the end that would eventually help you understand how a cause and effect essay should be written and how is generally outlined….

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6 Most Important Annotated Bibliography Components in a Scientific Paper

Annotated Bibliography ComponentsSometimes while writing an academic or scientific paper you are required to use an annotated bibliography. If you have never encountered or used bibliography, it might be confusing at first, if the instructions are not communicated clearly.

First of all, being able to define and identify an annotated bibliography will allow you to write your own and find your personal preferred formula for it. An annotated bibliography requires you to add an annotation to each cited work you have in your standard bibliography.

Annotations are short descriptions or evaluations of the works cited in your paper. The purpose of having them in you bibliography is to offer a general impression on how you chose the referenced articles, books or research papers and how they are relevant for your scientific or academic research. Each annotation should have 100-200 words. You should follow an academic writing style and arrange them in an alphabetical order….

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Annotated Bibliography for Dummies or Step-by-Step Directions to Get Armed for the Scientific Paper Reference

Annotated Bibliography for DummiesHaving to write an annotated bibliography for the first time can be intimidating and working on it usually raises a lot of questions: Where to begin? What can I do? What can’t I do? A lot of students do not have a clear idea of how this works, so we have put together an “annotated bibliography for dummies” guide that will help you start.

First of all, let’s shed some light on what an annotated bibliography really is and how it is different from other types of bibliography. An annotated bibliography is different from the straightforward one because it comes with concise annotations added to the reference list….

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10 Facts for a CCOT Essay on Chemistry Research

Has your professor tasked you with writing a CCOT Essay on Chemistry Research? Not sure where to begin? If you are reading this guide, your troubles are over! We have helped hundreds to thousands of students write excellent CCOT essays and this guide will help you get started too.

For any particular subject/topic, we introduce three major guides that contain almost everything about the particular topic you want to write on, plus how it’s written, and the basics and methods of writing it. This has been proven to be very useful and had helped many students produce stellar assignments. We hope you will benefit the same way, once you’re done reading and following all three of our guides.

In this first guide, 10 facts for a CCOT essay on chemistry research, you are introduced to 10 credible facts on Chemistry Research, so that you have the context and information you need to write a CCOT essay on your own….

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10 Facts for a Narrative Essay on Nuclear Corrosion

As the world advanced into the nuclear age, were nuclear energy became an alternative energy source to coal and petroleum products, the need to understand nuclear materials and their corrosion has become an important aspect of science. Understanding corrosion mechanisms, the systems and materials they affect became even more important for human and environmental safety after the Russian debacle in 1954 and the more recent Japanese Nuclear disaster in 2009.

The constant use of nuclear materials has made it important for nuclear corrosion to be taught and discussed in educational institutions. Therefore, if you are tasked with writing a narrative essay on nuclear corrosion, then this article will provide you with enough resources in terms of important facts which you can use to discuss or narrate your perspective on nuclear corrosion. Also, to adequately discuss nuclear corrosion, the mining of nuclear materials and the system put in place to manage nuclear activities must also be covered.

So here are 10 facts on nuclear corrosion:

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20 Narrative Essay Topics on Nuclear Corrosion

Writing intelligently about nuclear power, its history and the role it has played in shaping the human environment as we know it, is a technical task that comes with a lot of research which could be quite challenging to the average student. Therefore, understanding aspects of nuclear corrosion in order to select a topic to write on will help you order your thoughts and apply yourself constructively during the research phase.

To overcome the mentioned difficulties above, this article will focus on providing the reader with 20 exciting topics on nuclear material corrosion that can serve as your inspiration, as well as a sample narrative essay which will be written using one of the topics on the list below as its guide. But before going ahead with the list, here is a brief outline of the concept of nuclear corrosion; nuclear corrosion is the corroding of metallic materials used in a nuclear plant due to external influences. Severe corrosion can lead to nuclear accidents and has been responsible for some of the nuclear disasters man has experienced in the 20th century.

20 Interesting Narrative Essay Topics on Nuclear Corrosion:

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