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How does running make you smarter?

February 15, 2019

The sun sets in the west, London is the capital of Great Britain, Everest is the highest mountain, and running improves all spheres of one’s life, including memory, attention, and reaction speed.

Nowadays, everyone who has ever been interested in neurobiology or the influence of sports on the brain knows that aerobic activity stimulates neurogenesis. However, this knowledge became common only in 2011 when the called “Exercise training increases the size of hippocampus and improves memory” was published in Proceedings from the National Academy of Science….

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How to turn stress into motivation using paper: a guide for “negative thinkers”

February 15, 2019

Teach your mind to recognize good things, as our brain does exactly what we tell it. 

Being distressed is no big deal in the US or any other country. We get so used to high demands and time pressure that we take this discomfort as given. On top of that, we overestimate “disaster” in our college life, pushing ourselves further into anxiety and depression. In most cases, we blame negative thinking. If not for this wicked mindset, we could be as happy as many bright and carefree people around us. But we are not. At least, we believe we cannot change our way of thinking….

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How to get rid of stress when pedantism gives you a hard time

how to get rid of stress

A piece of paper is not much but just enough to keep your mind in balance.

Our common sense says there is nothing wrong about being precise and attentive to details. These are qualities that help us detect problems before they appear and to address them right away. On the downside, this natural pedantry makes us overly concerned with things that are not important at the moment. Some of them may never be. Still, we continue sacrificing our nerves and energy to keep things in perfect order. At the end of the day, all we have is agitation and disappointment, as negative thoughts arise automatically and grow like a snowball….

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How to stay productive and avoid distractions while studying

stay productive while studying

In the face of everyday lectures, workshops, extracurriculars, and tons of homework, procrastination remains our greatest problem. Students’ enthusiasm for doing nothing is actually impressive.

Have any projects to complete by the end of the week? You put them off until Sunday night. Have a paper to submit tomorrow? You go write it but check out your Facebook notifications first. Whatever happens, you seem to do anything but what you really need to get done.

All of us get trapped in a situation like this, and here we offer you some solutions to this distraction mania….

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Library rules and regulations no one told you about

library rules and regulations

There are some unspoken rules each student should stick to while in a public or campus library. They might forget to talk to you about them in your sisterhood or brotherhood, but don’t worry. After all, I’m here to help you. See the recommendations below to make sure you fit in student life from the first day you’re in college….

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Know Berkeley in One-Day and Feel Like You Belong Here

Berkeley in One-Day

If you are a tourist and want to investigate the USA, then you will find many fascinating cities which you can explore. Let’s start with California, one of the USA states, and its city named after George Berkeley. One of the advantages of Berkeley is its location. It’s situated on the east shore of San Francisco Bay. So, one can enjoy a marvelous landscape.  There are a lot of places which may be interesting to you. We offer a guide that will help you avoid feeling disoriented there.

West Part of Berkeley, California

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7 Events Every International Student from California University Must Visit This Semester

December 19, 2018

International Student California University Events

The life of students shouldn’t be filled with studying only. This is a nice period of life when people are young and full of dreams. It’s important to learn how to relax and receive pleasure from life. There may be different ways to reach that state of pleasure. Each has its own advantages. For example, one may visit a special event. This case is particularly important for international students.

Why is it so good to visit different events for students from other countries? Well, one of the common and really serious obstacles for any foreigner is to understand another culture. This issue is especially important when two cultures are completely different. Many people call such a difference ‘the clash of cultures’. This creates certain problems. Under the condition, you do not understand the country, its people, and traditions, you’re doomed to never get accepted….

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Time-Management Mistakes of Working Students Above 30

December 19, 2018

Time-Management Mistakes of Working Students

The matter of time is of huge importance. This is one of those rare things nobody is able to control. It’s not even material, but it is associated with real objects. Many people seem to waste time the entire or, at least, most of their life. What are the reasons? They have poorly developed time management. This is a trouble for people of different background. However, the age plays its role as well. Every life period has its peculiarities, difficulties, and obligations. Thus, people above 30 face their own problems with management. Moreover, the difficulty multiplies if such people are the working students….

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College Life after 30: Key Difficulties of Adult Students

December 14, 2018

College Life Difficulties of Adult Students

The process of learning is always difficult. This is a long path, which is full of ups and downs. Some students cope with their tasks and liabilities faster and easier. The others struggle harder. Nevertheless, it’s really complex to gain knowledge and skills. Every student can prove that. Learning becomes more complex for older students.

It’s never too late to start or continue to study. Many people return to a college or university if they dropped it or couldn’t get into it when they were teenagers. In most cases, young people who graduated from their schools, go to gain higher education. Notwithstanding, our society has already got used to pretty old students. There are many people over 30 years and more who attend colleges. This is a very brave decision. Not all are able to study that late….

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How to Motivate Yourself for Every Day in College

December 14, 2018

How to Motivate Yourself for College

Sometimes, it’s so hard to start doing something. Some students think that there is no need to write academic papers, learn complicated things, and waste time researching. Then, a person faces a problem of finding the source of inspiration and motivation….

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