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6 Typical Mistakes of Essay Writing

When it comes to the process of the essay production, there are some typical mistakes that you, as the paper author, tend to leave unnoticed. But the bad news is that your tutor ALWAYS detects them in a flash.

Many commonly made errors are the things that are quite tricky to learn, and for that reason, it helps college students get the job done correctly. However, some mistakes are just made because there was no one to tell the student about a particular rule. The purpose of this article is to help you know more about the most common mistakes in essay writing and not make the same ones in the future.

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of mistakes encountered in the essay writing pieces:

1. Misspelled Words

These are the most predominant of all writing errors. This mistake is typical to the students, who are required with the task to submit a handwritten essay. Even the individuals, who make use of MS Word or any other popular software, tend to experience these instances even though the programs usually highlight the errors. The best way to deal with the problem is to proofread the essay more than once when you’re done with the writing part.

2. Editorial Mistakes

Meet the second type of the most common errors that students make in the process of the essay writing – the incorrect use of “its” and “it’s”. Many ESL students find it hard to deal with the issues since the words “it’s” and “its” have the similar sounding. Unfortunately, the MS Word program doesn’t have an option to define which variant is suitable to the context of your essay.

3. The Use of the Passive Voice

Since the essay writing project must be very revealing in many ways, the Passive Voice is something that you have to keep away from. However, in many cases (especially when the students see the words combination “to be”) inexperienced authors make a lot of mistakes. The point is that the verb “to be” in English isn’t strong enough, which is why a lot of students confuse the active voice of this verb with the passive voice.

4. Punctuation Errors

This type of mistakes that are popular among the college students is at the top of the list. The problem here is that no rule of thumb exists. If the writer uses an excessive dose of punctuation, the tutor will most likely give a low grade for the project. The same situation will occur if you use zero punctuation makes in your essay since it will prove that your knowledge is insufficient.

5. Inappropriate Use of Paragraph Breaks

When it comes to the paragraph breaks, you won’t believe how many college and university students tend to make the same mistakes here and there all over the globe! Even though you, as the essay author, should develop a single idea within a paragraph, a lot of writers make a serious mistake by discussing several ideas within one text paragraph. So, what do we have in the end? The never-ending paragraphs that are jam-packed with dozens of ideas that are hardly related. Consequently, the essay that you submit is far from what was required by the college tutor.

6. Page Limit Incorrectness

The last but not the least is the typical mistake related to failing to meet the required page limits set by the college tutor in the instructions set. Who knows, maybe this mistake in a consequence of a huge overflow of ideas that make you, as the essay writer, unable to fit the text into the specified limits. Or maybe you haven’t found enough material to build a solid essay upon and this results in writing one page less than required. Whichever the reason, your tutor is not going to forgive your carelessness. As a result, your grade will suffer the most.

Now that you know what type of essay writing mistakes you should avoid, you have an opportunity to boost your prose producing skills. If you doubt that the quality of your essay can comply with the academic requirements, a trusted custom writing service for qualified help.

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