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How to Make a Strong Argument in a Cause and Effect Essay on Pork in the Middle East

When you are tasked with making a strong argument in a cause and effect essay on pork in the Middle East, are a few key components that you need to follow.


Your introduction is where you present the strong argument you plan to make in your cause and effect essay on pork in the Middle East with the thesis statement.

  • The first key component you should follow when crafting a thesis statement for a cause and effect essay is to understand the purpose of the cause and effect assignment. In most cases here your goal is to present either the cause of something or the effect that something has but not necessarily both. Only in rare instances will your teacher ask you to supply both the cause of something and the effects it had.
  • The second thing you should follow when making a strong argument in a cause and effect essay on pork in the Middle East is that the thesis statement functions in exactly the same way here as it would in any other writing assignment. For this particular task the goal of your thesis statement is present to your reader. The key subject you’re going to cover in such a way that it requires only one sentence. Your goal is to explain to the reader not just the background for your topic but why your topic is relevant, important and what your findings are going to add to it.


The conclusion is equally important.  The conclusion serves a very distinct purpose and that purpose is to provide your reader with closure when making a strong argument in a cause and effect essay on pork in the Middle East. In tandem with your introduction, this is typically one of the more difficult components to write whenever students sit down to complete a project. The body content is often easier to compose, but the body you have requires a frame and the introduction works in tandem with this ending to provide that frame to your ideas and your thoughts. The purpose of this area is to provide a bridge for your reader to help them transition from the content they just read back to their lives. They need to understand the place your analysis fits, where it rests in the grand scheme of things and how they can understand it. Your final paragraph needs to help the reader to see why your information and your analysis actually matters to them and why they should take it to heart once they put your final work down.

It is here that you want to anticipate what the reader will ask a question.

The reader is going to ask: “So what?”


“Why should I care?”

And your job is to anticipate this and to respond to it before they have a chance to think about it. You want to tell them immediately what the main themes were in your introduction and bring those themes full circle. You want to synthesize for the reader what you presented and include a provocative quote from a reputable source or from the reading. Then close with a call to action for your reader.

Hope this manual on how to make a strong argument in a cause and effect essay on pork in the middle east helps. Remember we’ve got also have 10 facts for this kind of assignment and 20 topics with a sample essay. Good luck!

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