Easy Annotated Bibliography Writings or 5 Resources That Come to Your Rescue

When writing annotated bibliography in different styles, you are advised to know the formatting beforehand. Usually, students are informed by their professors what style (APA, MLA or Harvard) they must use for the paper, which can either be an essay, thesis or dissertation. We all know that it’s not that easy to write an annotated bibliography. However, we want to help you get started on the right foot. Here are 5 guides to help you cite sources correctly.

Purdue OWL is an excellent guide to get started. The website offers great advice on how to write annotated bibliography for your college papers. Note that the formatting varies. In general though, source’s bibliographic information (title and author, publisher and date, etc.) should be written in APA or MLA format. Purdue OWL is an excellent website to get more information on both styles. The annotations must be written in paragraphs, and the length for each paragraph varies from a few sentences to a few pages.

Another great website to help write easy annotated bibliography belongs to Cornell University. There’s a useful section on the site meant to teach you everything you need to know about annotated bibliography: what it is, how it differs from abstracts, the process entailed, and how to choose the format for your citations.

UNSW Australia helps and prepares students to cite sources properly and make their papers appear qualitative. On the university’s official website you’ll find a very useful article on what is an annotated bibliography, its purpose, and what style should be used for your college paper. There’s a very useful paragraph on the contents of an annotated bibliography, as well as some clear examples of formatting styles to help you get started.

When it comes to writing annotated bibliography for our college papers, we must admit that the process is exhausting. Many of us get caught up in the process. Fortunately, the University of Toronto comes to the rescue with a detailed guide on how to use an annotated bibliography for different types of papers. Check it out as it will definitely help you make your annotated bibliography look a lot more professional in the eyes of your professors.

Last but not least, we have a great guide to help you understand annotated bibliography formatting a bit better. It is offered by Concordia University and it covers a detailed guide on how to format your annotated bibliography in APA and MLA styles. It additionally provides insight on what information must be included in an annotation, as well as some additional sources you can check out to prepare your annotated bibliography.

Bottom line is that we all know how complicated and intriguing it can be to write annotated bibliography. While the process can be nerve-racking, we would like to present you with a solution. To cite sources faster, you can use the Free Citation Generator. It is an excellent tool for students, not to mention that it is incredibly easy to use.

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