How an Average Bibliography Program Will Work in the Future

bibliography programBibliography programs are excellent online tools that help students write bibliography and cite sources for their papers, whether these are theses, mid-term papers, essays or dissertations. Let’s face it: citing sources the old-fashioned way is overrated. Nobody does that manually anymore! These online tools are pretty accurate, and all you need to do to get started is to access a bibliography generator, type the name of the author and paper, and choose a formatting style (MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard). The bibliography program will do the rest and handle the punctuation and the order.

While these programs are of great assistance – especially because they’re easy to understand and free of charge – what should we expect from a bibliography generator 5 years from now? What about 10 or 20 years from now?

It Should Do Everything for You (in the Perfect Future)

In a couple of year from now we would love a bibliography generator to do everything: scan a paper automatically, and then make a list with our sources. All you will have to do afterwards is choose the appropriate formatting style for your paper.

It Might Memorize and Keep Track of Your Actions

That would be a dream coming true, don’t you think? We would certainly love a bibliography generator that can keep track and memorize all of our actions. We live in a world of advanced technology, so it shouldn’t surprise us that 10 years from now, the Internet will be able to provide us with such a tool. It will certainly help students format their papers a lot easier, as well as write bibliography as correctly as possible.

It May Be Able to Identify Paraphrased Texts and Sources Automatically

Leaving aside quotes, a bibliography program will most likely be able to find paraphrased text as well. It will then spot sources (books, journal, essay, etc.) and then list all of them as references for your paper. We expect the functions to go even further, and such online tools will know how to keep you away from accidental plagiarism.

It Should Offer Similar and Relevant Sources for Your Paper

Forget all about surfing the internet for additional information on sources. In a few years, bibliography programs may do that by themselves. Can you imagine how easy it will be? You’ll just have to write your paper, and the tool will do the rest. It will find books and journals automatically, thus saving you precious time.

It Will Definitely Become Your BFF

When writing a paper, the most important part is performing the research. It’s also the most tiring and nerve-raking job to do, and let’s face it: you just don’t want to do it. We have great hopes for the future though. We strongly believe that your bibliography problems will be fixed a few years from now. You just need to be a little patient.

Until that happens, why not use the Free Citation Generator? It will surely help make citing sources a lot easier. Choose your formatting style; then type the name of the author, name of the paper, and publisher. Et voila!

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