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Coursework on Psychology

November 25, 2011

Coursework on Psychology:
The problem with facilitated communication is the inability for an observer to know conclusively that the words and sentences of a non-verbal autistic individual are from the individual or the person assisting the autistic individual. Most videos of facilitated communication show the facilitator taking a very active role in spelling and forming the sentences without any cooperation from the autistic individual. The operational definition of this study is the manipulation free facilitated communication with self supported arm rests and verbal acknowledgement of letters pressed.

To eliminate this potential influence required two components add to the facilitated communication devices. First was to develop an arm rest that the autistic individual would place either arm on that will stop the flowing movement of the hand. The autistic individual had more control of their hand and arm. The individual moved their hand over the entire arm rest to hit any key that they desire to press while still supporting their arm. The facilitator was not able to touch the autistic individual’s hands or arms. In addition, the facilitator was only able to say the letter or sound of the letter when pressed by the autistic individual. If the individual was trying to say ‘good morning’ each letter of the word would be spoken individually….

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Coursework on Technology

November 25, 2011

Coursework on Countermeasures to mitigate exploitation of UNIX and Windows servers:
Every organization utilizing the internet needs protection of its systems to ensure that the files of the organization are not destroyed by software, designed by hackers. The firm needs to have an elaborate security system to ensure that all its files are viewed by authorized personnel. The files need to be safely protected, and measures to back up the information valuable to the company, should be put in place. Loss of system files may make the system unstable, interfering with the normal working process of the business. A fortune 500 company undertakes many transactions on an annual basis, and deals with a lot of money. The company has many rivals in the market. Therefore, to protect the interests of the business, the company needs to buy a specialized security system to protect its files (Chirillo, 2002).

As a security firm employed to handle the countermeasures needed to counter mitigate exploitation of UNIX and Windows servers, one of the counter measures would be application of patches and updates. This changes need to be evaluated and implemented in a timely manner with focus bearing on the effect of implementation against the effects of maintaining the current settings. Application of updates into the system mitigates both types of servers from malware, with the ability to propagate automatically. These security updates need to be applied regularly to protect the company’s information….

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SOAP Notes Coursework

November 25, 2011

Coursework on Soap Notes for New Patient:
S: subjective
O: objective
A: assessment
P: plan

CC): Chief Complaint: Runny Nose
John O’Shea is a 32 year-old single white male. He presents a “Persistent head ache for 5 days” and “Sore throat for the last 2 to 3 days.” He also complains of “Right facial pain” which he aan over the counter “Tylenol” which gave him some relief but the running nose persisted.

History of present illness (HPI)
This 32 Year old man presents with a chief complaint of a runny nose for six days with accompanying head ache and sore throat. Patient has been experiencing severe headache for over 5 days on the sides of the head, right behind the eyes. The first onset of the pain was five days ago, after the pt retired home from work with a fleet of sneezes and runny nose. Pain was relieved with painkillers (ibuprofen) for the best part of the night only for the pt to wake up with a serious purulent drainage through the nasal passages. The drainage subsided by itself after the pt had taken breakfast and plenty of water only to appear again within a matter of hours. The runny nose is aggravated by any form of dust and coldness. Pt reports slight pain above cheekbones which he uses over the counter Tylenol which offers some relief to the pain. Pt would sometimes experience mild pain behind their eyes when they strain their sight or when they try to roll their eyes sideways. Running nose is intense during the night and in the mornings. Pt has experienced nausea especially during the day. With nausea, pt denies vomiting. For 2 days now, pt has had a bad sore throat accompanied by fever. Pt also denies skin rashes or hives, abdominal pains, pain above cheekbones, joint pains or coughing. The mild pain above the cheekbones subsided upon use of OTC Tylenol….

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Coursework on Business Law

November 18, 2011

Coursework on Business Law:

  1. UNITED STATES V RADTAKES United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, 2005 415 E3d 826
  2. The defendants, a man and his son were charged with the offence of conspiracy to defraud the Us and Internal Revenue Society (IRS). The defendants paid employees on an ad hoc basis with check written from the Companies bank account instead of chanelling them through the Companies’ payroll as required by law. Consequently, they withheld no taxes or union benefit payment.
  3. Held guilty as charged.
  4. Circumstantial evidence should be permitted to prove committing of a crime when there is sufficient evidence presented to the jury with no intentions of defrauding the crime accused. Defendants charged with a conspiracy are not actually the real committers of the fraud. Once one is a suspect of defrauding, one has a chance to present his witnesses and prove ones innocence in front of a jury. The most significant defence to circumstantial evidence is the truth behold behind the evidence being produced. When the evidence has substantial truth and has a witness to support the evidence, the defendant might get a chance to prove on the crime committed. Once the evidence presented is insufficient proving that the defendant acted with intentions to commit the crime is difficult.

Another circumstance to be permitted is by having absolute privilege on the crime committed. For instance, evidence adduced by witnesses in court and the defense arguments and counter claims during court proceedings, statements made by judges whilst hearing and determining a matter be for them, and statements made in the course of parliamentary proceedings cannot back up any action for defamation, irrespective of whether or not they were made without considering how true, false or weird they are….

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October 27, 2011

When one may be considering to, buy or purchase a home, he or, she may be concerned or interested in knowing whether home prices may be poised to fall or rise. We may see that no one may want to purchase or buy a home which later might plummet in value. This may lead one to insist on buying a house or a home before prices may go upward. It may not be easy to predict what might happen with real estate prices in a city, country or state over a period of time. Therefore, from this one may come to the conclusion that the vitality of an area and economic health may drive the prices and demand for homes in that area. Also, when there may be an increase in jobs, which may pay well, this may in the end increase the demand for housing thus; an increase in price.

When one may be deciding on whether to buy a home or not, he or she may have to consider some of the following how long they might be in that particular area for instance a period of five to ten years or more. Another factor to consider may be whether the current home prices in one’s local area may offer good value. Also, other factors may include the state of the job market, the number of home listings that may be for sale in the area and the level of real estate prices as compared to rent. This may help one to know whether the current home prices may be relatively high compared to the rental cost and he or, she may be able to make a choice on whether to rent or purchase a home. In addition to this, buying a home may be a long-term financial commitment whereby, one may be required to take a 15-30 years mortgage so as they may finance the purchase depending on their income. Normal value may be defined as the price that may be changed by a firm in its home market value. Trade may not be considered ordinary over an extended period of time (Hoekman, Mattoo, and English, 200-203)….

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Coursework on Business Communications

October 13, 2011

What do you think is the relationship between the medium and the message?
In communication, there are different relations between the people who send the information and the ones who are bound to receive it. For the purpose of achieving the best communication strategies and for information to reach the recipients in time, there are various factors that should be upheld. These factors involve the sender, medium and the recipient. The sender is the source of information while the medium is the way through which the information goes by. The recipient is the person who is bound to receive the information eventually.

There is a certain relationship between the medium and the message. The relationship is that the medium determines the delivery of the message. If there was no sort of relationship between the two, the information would end up being distorted and not reach the recipient in the original form. The medium through which the message is sent depends on the content and the type of message being sent. For a message that is very delicate, it should be sent through secure lines such as private mail and courier services.

For a message that is needed urgently, the message cannot be sent through slow means of transportation such as road, however, it sent through methods such as air. The medium is hence related to the message as if it were not present; the message would not reach the recipient….

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