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A Loss for Words Book Review

February 22, 2013

A Loss for Words is a book written by Lou Ann Walker that talks about things that deaf people go through in their normal everyday life. It is an autobiography about the author and narrates how the author’s experience of having deaf parents. The book is based in the modern society and seeks to express to the rest of the world how the deaf people live. This paper aims to respond to a few of the items cited by the author.

Question 1
A residential school means that the child stays at the education training facility for a particular period of time e.g. a semester. The child is allowed to go back home at the end of this period. A residential school for the deaf provides the child with the appropriate care that they need. The care givers in such schools are trained personnel that have adequate experience in the field. This ensures that the children’s needs are catered for thus do not lack the basic amenities. On the other hand, it insulates them from the realities of the outside world hence does little to protect them. The author’s parents were born into families that did not understand them hence were shipped off to the Indiana School for the Deaf at a very young age (42, 45-48)….

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Essay on Marketing Plan

February 22, 2013

Marketing plan
A marketing plan is a detailed, researched and written report that a business uses in order to outline the actions that should be taken to customers and clients and measures taken to persuade them to purchase the product. It communicates to the customers on the value of goods and services. Marketing personnel evaluate the results marketing decisions made in previous years and the market in which a business operates in order to make the right decisions .They also set goals that provide direction on how marketing should be carried out. Coca-Cola Company success has been attributed by a well structured marketing plan. Marketing plan prepared by the management determines how well it will exist in the market.

Product identification
A brief discussion is made concerning an existing or new product of a business in the marketing plan. Product identification involves knowing the identity of a product from its source of production, raw materials used in production, work –in- progress, finished product storage and the delivery of the products to the customers. Identification of a product can be controlled through electronic and physical methods. Product decisions should include products brand name, quality, and scope of the product line, warranty and its mode of packaging. (Derek 45). …

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Microbiology Research Paper

Food borne Incident Relating to Escherichia coli
Efficient and effective supervision of contamination of food and inspection of food borne diseases in UK needs a harmonized multidisciplinary method with fervent contribution of stakeholders from every aspect of the society together with the public health quarter. To make easy communication and organization of this process, a coordinating body is required to be instituted with strong contribution of applicable stakeholders. However, appropriate observation data from every stage in the food manufacture chain including the supervision of human disease must be constantly collected and examined to assess trends and causal source of food borne disease (FBD). The incidence of the food borne disease in UK requires health organizations and Health departments in UK of a dedicated multidisciplinary inspection unit that involves the microbiological and epidemiological proficiency from every sector will assist and enhance the success of consistent data analysis and criticism.

The main purpose of this supervision is to enhance the management and control of food borne disease outbreak and provide a management framework for professionals that will help them control further spread of the disease. Ingestion of microbial contaminated foods is very harmful; outbreak management team should be vigilant in dealing with an outbreak especially the type that concern food borne. Rees G and Pond (1995) explained that medical and nursing staffs are required to use the aide-memoir made available for checking health implications and functions. In addition, the essence of this paper is reflected in the roles and responsibilities of public bodies involved in maintaining health care services and public health.

Controlling and managing FBD outbreak is critical to ensure that:

  • the minimum number of primary cases of infected people is reduced. This can be achieved through prompt reporting and response to infected foods;
  • the number of secondary cases of infected individual is reduced through proper identification of FBD infected persons and taking appropriate measures to prevent further spread of the disease;
  • causal organisms and continuous hazards are eliminated or minimize the risk of infection;…
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Toys and Socialization Essay

February 8, 2013

Toys and Socialization
Pick any two action figure type toys- one which represents girls and one which represents boys. (If you do not have these toys, stroll through the toy department at your local store; use a magazine ad; borrow some from a friend or neighbor; Google an image…) Answer the following Questions based on these two toys.

1) Who are the action figures you chose? Which gender most likely plays with this toy? Why do you think so?
Toy 1: The first toy is young model. Female because of some of the physical attributes portrayed like hips and breasts.
Toy 2: A small soldier. It is male because of the muscular body and broad chest.

2) What colors appear on this toy?
Toy 1: Pink body with white patches on the legs and hands
Toy 2: Green with grey patches

3) If this toy could come alive what is it:
a. Gender?
Toy 1: Female
Toy 2: Male
b. Age?
Toy 1: 22 years old
Toy 2: 26 years old
c. Occupation/function in society?
Toy 1: A young mother who is a care giver to her family….

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