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Archive for July, 2008

Oroonoko: or the Royal Slave

July 31, 2008

Oroonoko: or the Royal Slave is a conceptual narrative about a royal slave. Aphra Behn, the author of this narrative is considered to be a fine novelist who wrote both poetry and story writing. Born in 1640 and she died at the age of forty eight, she decidedly wrote the factual account of Oroonoko as a royal slave, as one of her novels, during her writing career (Whisler.)

The paper carries on to discuss the fact whether the story is fictitious, real or does it really matter whether it really is true or fictitious? The paper aims to emphasize on the idea whether the story was really a part of a life experience of the author. This can only be explicated at the end of the paper whether any of these facts matter for the reader to build interest in the book.  …

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Sports Celebrity Advertising

Advertisers often spend heavy amount of dollars yearly on celebrity endorsers, with the aim of pressuring consumers’ insights and purchase objectives.   Celebrities around the world prepare advertisements believable and aid in the recognition of brands, increase message, generate a constructive attitude on the way to the product and construct a separate character for the authorized brand.   Eventually, celebrities backing are supposed to cause a greater chance of customers preferring the endorsed item, and memorandums conveyed by eminent personalities reach a high scale of interest and recall for various customers.   The impact of the proclamations of celebrity endorsement agreements on stock income is encouraging and urged that personality endorsement deals are usually viewed as a meaningful savings in marketing.   Providing this fact, one can securely deviate that personality endorsements are here to live….

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Cocaine Addiction among Pregnant Women

July 29, 2008

It is found from the National Institute on Drug Abuse that approximately 45,000 pregnant women were using cocaine in 1992.  Cocaine exerts several threats to unborn babies. Different kinds of health problems are observed among babies that were exposed to cocaine. These health problems range from minor to major life-threatening problems although the earlier predictions have not come true that were about the damage of the brain of cocaine-exposed babies.

Unborn Baby and Threat to Its Health Due To Cocaine
There are different ways in which the health of a pregnant woman and an unborn baby can be affected due to the use of cocaine during pregnancy.  Miscarriage is the biggest expected threat during the early months of pregnancy.  Premature labor can occur if cocaine is used in the later months of pregnancy.  …

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Placebo Effects

Placebo is a case when a patient’s sickness can be cured by fake treatment, visibly because the patient believes that it would work. This is a very noteworthy face of the human physiology.

Placebo is derived from Latin, meaning “I shall please”.  Placebo has two related meanings, which are: (1) A substance containing no medication but prescribed or given to reinforce a patient’s expectation to get well; (2) An inactive substance or treatment used as a control in an experiment to test the effectiveness of a drug or medical treatment. (Mechanisms of Placebo Effects)

I believe that Placebo effects do exist in real, whether we believe them or not. …

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Healthcare Governance

July 29, 2008

Operation and managing of a medical practice requires multiple functions coordinated towards working the same goal and that is to give satisfaction to the patients by hiring trusted and highly qualified professionals to handle different medical services with a loving touch. System influences regulatory issues such as Medicare/HIPAA compliance, coding even handling reviews and audit. They must also effectively analyze fee schedules and overhead production analysis to prevent improper budgeting. Cost accounting services is also part of this revenue enhancement. Part of the system strategic planning consultation is practicing valuation, conducting negotiations and contract review.

Organizations can harvest several benefits from appropriately practicing strategic management. Thompson (1992) noted that strategic management provides better direction to the entire organization on the vital point of  what it is we are trying to do and achieve?. The second benefit is seen financially as effective strategic management system increases productivity according to (Certo & Peter, 1988, p. 7) since it provides managers with a basis to evaluate competing budget request for investing capital and new staff. Governance is manifested by a group of individuals who have the authority and the strategic intent to make things happen. In this paper, several relevant constituencies are discussed….

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United States History

The guideline of the present paper is to discuss how Liberalism and American Dream have helped to create and to shape the history of the most powerful country of the world – United States. The concepts of liberalism and American dream represent political and ideological tendencies and their influence is seen throughout the American experience. In responding to the topic the paper will firstly define Liberalism and American dream, secondly explain their origins and thirdly how those tendencies have helped to shape United States history. In conclusion the discussion will be about how studying history helps to understand the present….

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Hockey as a Mean to Develop National Identity

July 28, 2008

Grueneau and Whitson raised the question of hockey being a part of the search for national identity in Canada. They outlined that hockey was given “even greater symbolic currency in recent years” being one of the few objects recognized to be ‘truly Canadian’ (Grueneau, Whitson, 1993).  Hockey Night in Canada reflects an idea that hockey brings together Canadians in a common experience of the game. In this case sport does not play the only role of glorifying masculinity and appealing to human’s urge of violence, it also unites Canadians in the understanding of own culture, ideological preferences and values. Taking readers through the history of ice hockey, authors try to illustrate connections of hockey history with the development of national mentality, country economy, cultural and social trends. They also present an idea that the development of hockey culture as it is now in Canada was impossible without interference of governmental institutions, economically interested parties and mass media into the process. They also express an idea that hockey obsession is a part of a search for national identity, however they somehow hint that national identity is itself a myth just like hockey passion. Gruneau and Whitson tried to look at the hockey game from the different from custom angle. …

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Impact of Human Activities on Natural Hazards

Natural hazards are naturally occurring phenomena that have disastrous impact on humanity. These phenomena had been in existence even before the advent of humanity. The hazardous dimension of these natural phenomena are in the context of the impact that such a phenomenon would have on human population in the area affected by that phenomenon. In this essay, the effect that human activity has on these natural hazards would be analyzed. Some human activities may be exacerbating the factors that cause the natural hazard, like the impact of excessive and unplanned logging on floods and droughts. In certain other cases the human activities may cause subsequent or supplementary hazards to a primary hazard event, like building dams in earthquake prone zones may lead to flash floods and landslides in the event of a rupture.

A hazard can be defined as an event that has the potential to cause harm. This potential may be on account of its unexpected timing of occurrence or the actual intensity of the event itself. Human societies can withstand these events within a normal scale of occurrence. However, human societies become vulnerable when these events occur unexpectedly or are of an intensity or duration that falls beyond that normal scale (O’Hare and Rivas, 2005). Natural hazards can be broadly classified under the heads of geological, hydrological, climatic and diseases. …

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On the South African Land Reform Process

July 23, 2008

South Africa is a wonderful place. Ask the thousands of Nigerians going to Jo’burg. Those already there may have a different story however. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful place, on TV at least. Like every other country, South Africans have their own problems. Take land distribution for example. About 15% or less of the population own 85% of the best arable land, leaving the poorer, arid soils to the remaining 85% of the population. This equation may sound unbalanced, but what if the lucky 15% feeds the whole country and still have a whole lot left over for export, contributing to the growth of the South African economy? Theoretically, that is what happens, thanks to advanced technological approaches to agriculture, but lets take a closer look….

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New Religious Movements

New Religious Movements: Theoretical Perspectives on Religious Deviance

The subject of deviance, taken from any context – be it political, religious or cultural – has fueled many heated debates over the decades.  Although the topic has accumulated a rather large body of knowledge, experts, theorists, critics and academicians are no closer to reaching an agreement about anything.  According to Clinard (2004), “deviance takes many forms, but the agreement remains elusive about which specific behaviours and conditions constitute deviance. This ambiguity becomes especially evident when some people praise the same behaviour that others condemn. To understand deviance, one must first understand this contradiction:  No consensus reliably identifies behaviour, people, or conditions that are deviant, although most people would say that they know deviance when they see it.” (p.2) …

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